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BCM Public Relations are PR specialists and have been operating in the energy, manufacturing and mobility sectors for over 30 years. During that time, the agency has acquired technical and market-based knowledge of industries like oil and gas, artificial intelligence, engineering and automation. This knowledge feeds directly into the company’s ability to develop PR strategies, write and place content to engage with carefully selected target audiences, grow brand visibility, and stimulate sales. BCM Public Relations has an academically qualified team with a unique set of specialist skills across the engineering disciplines, including former engineers and journalists. Professional membership of The Chartered Institute of Public Relations has allowed the company to track ever-changing communications trends and embracing them where appropriate. For example, the company pioneered the use of digital media relations through social media, video storytelling, podcasting and online newsrooms to ensure that its clients maintained constant market visibility. In a sophisticated communication world where one size does not fit all, BCM Public Relations aligns new media with traditional B2B public relations, leveraging the strengths of each channel. Whether it’s media and crisis training, building a messaging framework or technical writing, our award-winning team will utilise the most effective channels to deliver optimal return on investment. Boasting an established network that reaches the key industrial media in sectors like energy, renewables, industrial, and oil and gas worldwide, BCM Public Relations can get your message seen by industry stakeholders and influencers globally in any language. That success is measured in real time through established KPI’s, delivered through a customer dashboard which endorses the value for money that BCM Public Relations offers. The skill set required for successful public relations in the energy, manufacturing and mobility sectors is very different from general PR. BCM Public Relations can onboard clients with minimum disruption and has a proven success record, transforming a company’s market presence for an investment less than you might expect.
BCM Public Relations

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