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B M Plastic Services are based in Essex, and specialise in all aspects of plastic engineering, plastic services and are plastic suppliers. We install all types of pipework, fabrications, ventilation ducting, fiberglass work, chemical plant and we also supply on-site plastic services. The plastic materials we use are Polypropylene, CPVC, UPVC, ABS, PB, HDPE and expensive option PVDF. We are also experienced in socket fusion, solvent cement, electrofusion, buttfusion, contain It, which is used on chemical installations, instaflex, aquasystem, ecoflex, cool fit, which would be used on cold and hot water building service projects. The fabrications we make are checked against resistancy, temperature of liquid and chemicals being used. Our fabrications and PVC ventilation ducting installations are all welded using hot air welding guns. We have completed a great many thermoplastic engineering projects in all types of industry such as chemical, electroplating, pharmaceutical, gold refineries, food manufactures, sewage and clean water facilities. Our sales department offer a large selection of plastic materials such as pipe & fittings, sheet material, PVC ventilation ducting and fittings.
B M Plastic Services

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