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Here at B D Technical Polymer Ltd we manufacture rubber compounds, calendered rubber, rubber blanks and much more, bringing Colour and Versatility to Rubber. B D Technical Polymer are the UK’s only specialist coloured rubber compounder. Rubber compounds are provided for the moulding, extrusion, coated fabrics, footwear, roller covering, tank lining as well as the general rubber goods industries. Rubber compounds are mixed to our own or customer formulations. Our level of service and quality is second to none. B D Technical Polymer is one of the very limited number of companies who are able to supply rubber compounds in all forms including slabs, strips, calendered sheet or blanks. All of these forms are available in coloured rubber compounds in addition to black rubber compounds. B D Technical Polymer can provide compounds in barwell blank form for compression moulding. Barwell blanks are billets of rubber made to a given dimension and weight. We are able to supply blanks for coloured as well as black compounds. This service can also be provided for customer compounds sent to us. Calendering is the production of flat thin sheets provided in rolls. B D Technical Polymer are able to supply calendered sheets up to 1200mm wide using our compounds or customer supplied compounds. We can offer two or three ply rubber sheets, fabric and rubber sheets as well as cured rubber sheeting. B D Technical Polymer has an in-house moulding department where we can successfully mould rubber using compression, transfer or injection moulding methods. We are able to produce the customer's moulds or have new moulds made for any specific product. B D Technical Polymer also supplies compounds using EVA, LDPE and EPDM blends to meet individual customer specifications. These compounds are provided in diced form to feed extruders or injection moulding machines. B D Technical Polymer provide a consultancy service to design and manufacture rubber compounds. If needed we can also mould the finished rubber product. We are able to source most finished rubber products economically.
B D Technical Polymer Ltd
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