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Axia Futures started with a group of ambitious individuals who appreciate independent thinking and most importantly the value of ethics, honesty and friendship. We are a community of traders who are also close friends who share the same ideology on how to develop trading talent. For too long training programmes around the world have become stale and dormant by not evolving with the changing market environment. We know that to stay ahead of market opportunity, traders need a community that shares this ethos of constant reinvention. This is why Axia Futures was started. We are not only Educators but also Traders. Thus, what is best for us will ensure the best for our community. As a collective group of successful traders, with a combined experience of 50 years on our London Trading Floor, we know what is required to be successful so we ensure that all parts of our training reflect these fundamental characteristics. Our Mission is to change the Trader Training Landscape and to develop World Class Traders. We employ the best people and technologies and ensure that traders learn effectively and rapidly, and acquire the fundamental skills for consistency in their trading. We also focus on trader skill development and understanding, by using advanced proprietary technologies to rapidly enhance a trader’s ability to recall market patterns and to develop trading strategies that cater for their unique personality and temperament. Our Vision is to be trailblazers in the space of trader skill development and world leaders in cultivating and unearthing the next wave of super star traders. We are creating a global community of formidable traders that are relentlessly determined in extracting the most money in the financial markets. Our community of traders achieve this by developing a process, belief and discipline to tackle the markets with energy and conviction. We offer two unique intensive trader training programmes: The 8-Week Trader Training Career Programme (in-house/online) and the 12-Week FX and Global Markets Trading Course with University Certification and Funded Trading Account. These are the most dynamic and innovative trader training programmes available in the world of proprietary futures trading and are built upon the competence and learning structures of our most successful traders from around the globe. We are also leaders in Price Ladder and Order Flow training. Our Volume and Market Profiling training is the most comprehensive in the marketplace including trading strategy development. If you want to become a world class Futures Trader then join the AXIA community and bring the trading environment to your home! Keywords: LIVE STREAMING, TRADER TRAINING, MENTORSHIP Address: 4 Endsleigh Street, Bloomsbury, London, WC1H 0DS, United Kingdom Phone: +44 20 3880 8500 Website: Business Email:
Axia Futures

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