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According to the Social Sciences Research Network, 65% of us are visual learners, followed by a further 30% of us being verbal learners. The remaining 5% of the population are experiential learners. These figures mean that using audio-visual communications within your business marketing strategy can play a key part in engaging with your customers. A recent study showed a staggering 85% of consumers are more likely to purchase after watching a product video. Health and beauty retailer, Superdrug, also reported up to a 24% increase in sales of products advertised on their in-store radio. In this post, we focus on how harnessing the power of audio-visual communication could be the key to capturing the attention of both new and current customers, as well as keeping employees engaged. USING VIDEO TO IMPROVE CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE Using video as a part of your marketing strategy helps to create an engaging customer experience. This is due to over half of the population being visual learners. In fact, the brain processes visuals 60,000 times faster than any text. Video has also been proven to be the favourite type of content for consumers. These statistics show why creating a strong video presence for your brand can give you the edge in today’s competitive marketplace. In modern-day marketing, having a presence on a variety of social platforms is a must for brands, to help create a successful omnichannel approach that targets their customers. A massive 50% of the world’s total population uses some form of social media, so it’s well worth investing in a good social strategy. The type of content used on these platforms is often the difference between success and failure to reach goals. Video content has been proven to be highly successful in dramatically improving customer engagement across social platforms. It’s been reported that visual content makes Facebook ads at least 75% more effective. Furthermore, Instagram has said that video generates more engagement on their site than any other type of content for its 500 million daily users. With this in mind, video is a valuable tool for marketers to consider investing in. Video can be used in a variety of ways, not just for great social media content. Another usage to apply video within and create an enhanced level of brand engagement is digital signage. AVC Immedia can offer your business a range of video-based services that help to engage customers and increase sales – click here to discover more. How to Enhance Brand Engagement with Digital Signage Digital signage enables brands to display more engaging communications and enhances the customer experience. It’s now known that 70% of consumers who saw a product promotion on a digital display, subsequently made an unplanned purchase. There’s a variety of technology that can be used for digital signage, including LCD or LED panels and also speakers can be integrated to add audio, which creates a fully immersive experience for consumers. The usage of digital signage is also pretty varied, from creating an in-store video wall to the menu boards you’ll often see at your favourite large franchise takeaway restaurant. No matter the format it comes in, digital signage can capture 400% more views than traditional static displays, and now with the option for added audio, it’s become a great way to create audio-visual engagement for your brand. On the subject of audio, did you know that by playing music in your business, you can improve staff engagement levels? The Benefits of Music at Work A survey was carried out on how music increased the level of accuracy and performance of staff at the workplace, and 88% of people who worked in the music environment saw their performance boosted. In turn, this results in a better financial outcome for the business, as companies who had higher levels of engagement reported a 26% increase in annual revenue. Emma, an employee of Nationwide Building Society, further proved the benefits of audio when commenting on their new in-store radio by stating “Working officially until noon today but decided as the tunes are so good on Nationwide Live I will stay logged on and will keep the Bluetooth speaker cranked up loud until 3pm” The benefits of audio also include a boost in sales, due to the improved customer experience. 34% of customers spend longer in stores with music, and therefore increase the amount purchased. This may be due to the positive association that customers have with music. Overall, it’s clear to see that by brands using audio-visual communications, there’s a powerful impact on customer loyalty, staff and customer engagement as well as boosting financial revenue. AVC Immedia has an award-winning team of professionals that offer many audio-visual marketing services.

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