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Autowatch Ghost is the UK's leading vehicle immobiliser, The number of cars, vans, and other vehicles stolen each day is on the rise. Currently, vehicle theft is at its highest level. Purchase and install the Autowatch Ghost immobiliser right away to avoid becoming a victim of key cloning. The Ghost can defend your vehicle from today's most popular car theft methods, including the 60-second auto thief. The Ghost delivers incredibly high security, without the need of any additional key fobs or remotes. Once the Autowatch Ghost has been installed, it is programmed with a unique code for your vehicle. The security code is entered by using existing buttons e.g. window switches and steering wheel controls. Upon entering the vehicle, you turn the ignition on, and enter your unique code this will then allow you to drive your vehicle. Without the correct code, your vehicle can not be driven away. When your vehicle needs a Service or MOT, the Ghost can be put in service mode, allowing the dealership to carry out their work without you having to reveal your unique code.
Autowatch Ghost
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