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atg UV Technology provide apprenticeships and work experience to aspiring engineers through working closely with TTE (Training Tomorrow’s Engineers). Developing a basic knowledge and understanding of engineering, the apprentices will spend the first year of their apprenticeship at TTE, working and learning for two days each week. Towards the end of this 12-month period, they will apply for apprenticeships at different organisations affiliated with TTE, including atg UV Technology. WHAT IS THE APPLICATION PROCESS? In place of a formal interview process, the successful apprenticeship applicants to atg UV Technology will embark upon a series of four work experience days. Working closely with the current engineering team, this is the ideal forum for the apprenticeship candidates to put their basic engineering knowledge to practice in real world scenarios. To give the apprentices the opportunity to overcome their nerves, get to know the team and to make an informed decision about whether they feel atg UV Technology is the right fit for them, these work experiences are divided into two sets of two days.

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