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atg UV Technology have recently designed and manufactured a state of the art, containerised UV disinfection package for the treatment and removal of SRB’s (Sulphate Reducing Bacteria) from sea water. The system incorporates two parallel trains of three SX-635-16 UV Systems in series. To avoid problems associated with maintenance and corrosion, atg UV Technology manufactured all UV systems, manifolds and associated piping from Super Duplex 25% Cr Steel. The UV treatment package included six SX-635-16 UV chambers, six power control cabinets, two 3 in 1 integrated SPECTRA control panels, 18 inch manifolds, 12 x 16 inch butterfly valves and a state-of-the-art UV Transmittance Monitor. All the equipment was installed within a custom made, 20ft offshore rated shipping container. The container design included interior and emergency lighting, air conditioning, heating, insulation, drip trays, custom designed crew access doors and was designed for a single point lift. Additionally a specially designed recessed power socket was provided for ‘Plug and Play’ operation on site. Each UV treatment stream is designed to treat over 1000 m3/hr with a minimum dose of 40 mJ/cm2 at a transmittance of 90%. The normal operation capacity for the system is 3000 m3/hr using 3 x UV systems, however up to 6 UV systems can be brought online at once to accommodate either a drop in water quality or an increase in flow. UV disinfection, supplemented by periodic shock dosing using chemical biocides is perfectly suited to down-hole injection applications, and has proved to be both a cost effective and highly efficient method of removing harmful microorganisms such as SRB’s (Sulphate Reducing Bacteria) from water sources. A correctly sized atg UV system such as the featured atg UV disinfection package dramatically reduces the amount and frequency of chemical dosing and vastly reduces the associated handling / transportation costs. Estimated savings for a SRB treatment application such as down-hole injection switching to UV treatment are substantial in chemical biocide cost savings alone. A typical atg UV disinfection system is highly compact and easy to operate. The atg UV design utilizes an inline configuration that makes it easy to install into restricted space with minimal disruption. Furthermore atg UV’s systems are fully automatic and unlike traditional chemical treatments, cannot be overdosed and do not increase the toxicity of the water with harmful biocides. Whilst occasional shock dosing with chemicals is still needed, this does not require the complex monitoring equipment that would be necessary if biocides were used as a primary disinfectant for everyday operation. For further information on this project and UV systems for many other applications, please contact atg UV Technology on +44(0)1942 216161.

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