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During the summer of 2007, 1,900 residents of Utah, had been infected by the parasite Cryptosporidum. In response to this outbreak, Americas largest of 2007, The Utah Health Department, who had already taken the controversial step of banning under fives from using public facilities demanded action, and called upon the extensive experience of atg UV Technology to formulate a solution to minimise any future outbreaks. In response, atg UV Technology quickly supplied 60 Ultraviolet treatment systems across the State, safeguarding public health against chlorine resistant pathogens such as Cyrptosporidium. Additionally atg UV's treatment system vastly improved the pool environment by reducing the amount of chloramines which cause eye and skin irritations and the unpleasant chlorine smell. "atg UV Technology quickly supplied over 60 Ultraviolet treatment systems accross the State" Since the implementation of atg UV's Ultraviolet treatment systems across all Utah's major public facilities, Utah have avoided a repeat Cyrptosporidium outbreak. An amazing achievement for Utah and atg UV, considering the scale of the problem last summer. Epidemiologist Robert Rolfs, who studies the factors affecting the health and illnesses of large populations had feared a repeat of the 2007 epidemic. Rolfs commented on this years results, achieved by a mix of good public awareness, and the implementation of UV protection. "I consider it a success" and will be presenting Utah's experience to State and local health officers at national meetings in California this September. atg UV continues to develop innovative new ultraviolet equipment, and install bespoke site-specific systems, helping to meet the growing global demand for a safer and more effective process. For more information on how ultraviolet technology can be of benefit to your business please email us at

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