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THE LATEST UV SYSTEM ON THE MARKET We are proud to announce the launch of pur next generation of lolow-pressure malgam UV Systems. The UVLW range will be the first 800 Watt, low pressure amalgam UV system available to the municipal industry for disinfection and photolysis. As a flagship UV system for atg UV Technology, the UVLW design offers the electrical and disinfection efficiencies of current low pressure amalgam systems, with the advantages of medium pressure UV systems such as the ability to treat large flows and maintain a much smaller installation footprint. Utilising the very latest in available amalgam lamp technology, and featuring independent NWRI validated performance, the UVLW range is set to revolutionise wastewater treatment applications. With a unique asymmetric lamp configuration housed within a closed 316L stainless steel vessel, the UVLW range eliminates the need for concrete trenches, pen stocks, flow modifiers and expensive civil works associated with open channel designs. A KEY FEATURE OF THE UVLW SERIES OFFERS SIGNIFICANT OPEX AND CAPEX IMPROVEMENTS. OPEX SAVINGS The reduced number of lamps, quartz and reduced footprint of the closed vessel design, will considerably reduce the CAPEX (capital expenditure) costs of a project. The ‘end-feed’ closed vessel chamber removes the requirement for large civil structures, whilst the 800 Watt amalgam UV lamps provide significantly increased UV output and treatment capacity. UV chambers install directly into the pipe No requirement for concrete trenches No requirement for large civil structures No requirement for penstocks No requirement for level control Improved hydraulic performance reduces pumping requirements Simple to install indoors or outdoors 100% Duty & 100% standby operation easily achieved Design for retrofitting into redundant open channels Significantly reduced installation footprint. CAPEX SAVINGS The 800 Watt amalgam design offers the highest UV output with the fewest number of lamps, in the smallest footprint available for low pressure UV systems. Typically, operational costs including power, lamps, quartz, ballasts and on-going maintenance can be 15% – 20% less when compared to traditional open channel systems. Reduced power consumption Increased disinfection efficiency Extended lamp life of 16,000 hours Significantly fewer lamps and quartz & ballasts Increased electronic ballast life (new modern ballast design) Significantly reduced maintenance time Automatic self-cleaning reduces required cleaning cycles e.g. acid baths Data stream service reduces required number of site visits Improved health & safety – no open water sources, or risk of UV exposure Significant reduction in corrosion and structural damage In addition to standard UV applications such as wastewater and drinking water, the UVLW series in one of the few UV systems to be tested to the NWRI water re-use standards, providing validated disinfection performance for both wastewater to irrigation, and advanced UV disinfection for wastewater to drinking water (toilet to tap). NEED HELP CHOOSING THE RIGHT ULTRAVIOLET SYSTEM FOR YOUR NEEDS? For further information on the UVLW range, wastewater disinfection and water re-use applications, contact our dedicated team of UV experts today who will recommend the right UV application for your needs.

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