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atg UV Technology, market leaders in the Ultraviolet treatment industry have supplied SOFI, atg UV's French distributors with a state-of-the-art compact Ultraviolet disinfection system for the treatment of sugar syrup solutions at French production facility located in Dunkirk . The atg UV treatment system was sized specifically for SOFI, who choose atg UV based on their vast experience in the beverage production industry, providing Ultraviolet disinfection systems for some of the world's leading brands, such as Heineken, Britvic, Thwaites and Coca-Cola. Concentrated sugar syrup of up to 66 Brix has a high osmotic pressure which can inhibit the growth of micro-organisms, however, once diluted certain organisms such as spores will begin to thrive. Manufacturers are now increasingly turning to UV technology, as even the most demanding of microbiological specifications can be comfortably achieved without the need for chemical filters or heat exchangers. Crucially, Ultraviolet disinfection does not affect taste, smell or texture, ensuring product quality is not put at risk. atg UV's leading closed system design, which utilises thin film technology is perfectly suited for sugar syrup disinfection, which typically has an extremely low a transmission and reduced flow. The UV disinfection system will treat up to 28m3/hr of sugar syrup solution in a single unit, inactivating micro-organisms, bacteria, moulds and viruses such as Cryptosporidium and leggionella. Additionally the atg UV system was specially commissioned and calibrated by onsite atg UV engineers to avoid any complications that can often be associated with sugar syrup disinfection. The atg UV system features UV monitoring to ensure systems consistently run at optimum levels. An integrated state-of-the-art atg UV SPECTRA control system provides operators with data on flow rate, UV dose and lamp intensity, whilst the SPECTRA's built in data logger can provide performance data which can be easily downloaded to a PC or Laptop for review. With over 25yrs of experience and achievement, atg UV is a world leader in Ultraviolet technology for a range of applications. Strong commitment to innovation and development means that atg UV's range of Ultraviolet products offer customers the best choice available when quality, reliability and consistency need to come as standard. For more information please visit

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