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"It’s our mission to provide a world-class learning experience that will support every student-athlete to pursue their aspirations. A2B is founded on our three pillars of success. Education, Performance and Opportunity. Education - Outstanding educational offer supports our further education and higher education pathways for student-athletes. Continuous tutor support in a high-performing learning environment supports our ‘world-class’ mission ensuring positive outcomes are achieved. Performance - Unrivalled with elite performance programmes within a professional setting. Being ‘world-class is our mission and our sport performance support is designed to build a high performance environment to enhance your development. Opportunity - We pride ourselves on going ‘above and beyond’ for every student-athlete. It is the opportunity to broaden every learner’s horizon, unlock opportunities through our key partners excelling in positive destinations that sets our programme apart. Our values resemble who we are as individuals and form the collective within our team. We are: Aspirational, Supportive, Passionate, Innovative, Resilient, Exemplary. The student-athlete at the heart of everything we do. Why we do, what we do, in everything we do. Our Team - Like-minded individuals as a high-performance collective. High-quality educationalists with a passion for sport, going above and beyond to provide opportunities for others. Widening our outreach to forward-thinking people, organisations and establishments. We whole-heartedly believe in making a difference to every one of our young people’s lives."
Aspire2Be Coaching
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