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Unusual Washrooms Around the World:

Have you ever considered the artistic and architectural possibilities of a washroom? While they are often overlooked, washrooms can be remarkable spaces that showcase creativity, innovation, and cultural significance. In this blog post, we invite you to embark on a journey exploring unusual washrooms around the world. From stunning architectural designs to peculiar features, these washrooms offer a truly unique and extraordinary experience.



The Toilet-Shaped House in South Korea

In Suwon, South Korea, a peculiar structure catches the attention of passersby—a house shaped like a giant toilet. Aptly named the Toilet-Shaped House, this architectural oddity was built to raise awareness about the importance of sanitation. Its bold and unconventional design serves as a reminder that access to clean washroom facilities is a fundamental human need.



The Hundertwasser Toilets in New Zealand

Nestled in the town of Kawakawa, New Zealand, lies a washroom like no other. The Hundertwasser Toilets are a vibrant testament to the artistic vision of Friedensreich Hundertwasser, an Austrian artist. Featuring colourful mosaic tiles, uneven surfaces, and an unconventional layout, these washrooms have become a beloved tourist attraction. Their unique design celebrates the marriage of art and functionality.



The Bathroom Restaurant in Taiwan

Prepare for an unusual dining experience at the Modern Toilet restaurant chain in Taiwan. Customers here sit on toilet-shaped seats and dine from toilet bowl-shaped dishes. The restaurant’s interior replicates a washroom, complete with sinks, urinals, and toilet-themed decor. It’s an immersive and quirky concept that pushes the boundaries of culinary creativity.



The Attendant in London

London is home to The Attendant, a coffee shop with a captivating backstory. Located in a former Victorian public toilet, this trendy café offers a unique atmosphere. The designers preserved the original features, including the porcelain urinals, transforming them into seating areas. The combination of history, design, and delectable coffee makes The Attendant a must-visit destination for the curious traveler.



The Uritrottoir in France

Paris, known for its architectural beauty, is also the birthplace of an innovative public urinal concept—the Uritrottoir. Combining functionality with aesthetics, these cylindrical installations serve a dual purpose. They function as flower planters while providing a discreet urinal for public use. The Uritrottoir aims to address the issue of public urination while adding a touch of greenery to the urban landscape.




In extreme environments like Antarctica, even washroom facilities must adapt to the harsh conditions. Enter the Luxe Loo, a portable toilet designed for Antarctic expeditions. Constructed with durable materials, this luxury lavatory ensures comfort and hygiene in sub-zero temperatures. Its compact design and efficient waste disposal mechanisms make it an essential fixture for those brave enough to venture to the frozen continent.



Washrooms are more than just functional spaces; they can be sources of inspiration and creative expression. The examples we’ve explored in this blog post demonstrate the remarkable potential of washroom design. From the Toilet-Shaped House in South Korea to the Luxe Loo in Antarctica, these extraordinary washrooms invite us to reconsider the boundaries of architecture, art, and functionality. So, the next time nature calls, remember that even washrooms can hold surprises worth exploring.

We hope you enjoyed this journey through unusual washrooms around the world. May it inspire you to appreciate the remarkable designs found in unexpected places.

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