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School Washroom Cubicles – Case Study
SCHOOL WASHROOM CUBICLES This summer we secured a contract in Leicester. This was to supply School Washroom Cubicles as a result of the current facilities needing a revamp. We were to supply and install new washroom areas in to Countesthorpe Leysland Community College. Being a community college, this falls within the education sector. So, it is the ideal period for refurbishing because there are no students present that require washroom facilities. For this project we were involved from start to finish. From initial consultation and survey, all the way through to installation and handover. In this blog, we will explain HOW we went about each step and WHY went about it in that manner. SURVEY AND CONSULTATION For the initial consultation and survey, we met on site to discuss the requirements and specification. During the COVID-19 pandemic site surveys have changed dramatically to combat the spread of harmful bacteria. There are standard PPE requirements. Such as safety boots and high visibility vests. However, in the current climate you are also required to wear face masks and sometimes we are even asked to wear disposable gloves. This is done to keep the spread of harmful bacteria to a minimum. If you would like to read a more detailed explanation on PPE you can follow this link which has multiple documents that you may find useful: Once on site, we carried out the survey. Measuring all the rooms and taking note of the positions of all the current services. We also liaised with the client to find out as much as possible about the environment and the end user. Knowing the age group of the end user helps decide what School Washroom Cubicles to use and what core material to manufacture in. DESIGN For the design process we decided that our Power+ Cubicle range was the most suitable. Considering the age range (college students) and environment we felt that Compact Grade Laminate was ideal for the washroom areas. Compact Grade Laminate is waterproof, robust, and extremely durable. This is suitable for this environment. Unfortunately, washrooms are often used for vandalism in the education sector as it is common for there to be no members of staff in these areas. Taking that into account we made the decision to allow for a strong cubicle system manufactured from an incredibly durable material. This system is also full height from floor to ceiling, giving the user full privacy which is increasingly important for older students. With the design finalised, we presented our quotation and rendered drawings for the client. You can see the technical drawings and visuals below:

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