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About Us concentrate in Armoured wire and expansion leads type 1.5mm cable completely as much as 95mm energy cables. 16a extension leads completely as much as 3 stage 125A 5 pin leads. We cut the cable to the size you need and produce it directly to your door. Keywords: device, 3 phase extension lead, armoured cable 3 core, armored cable gland, swa 10mm 3 core, armoured cable, waterproof boxes, 6 mm 3 core cable, plastic adaptable boxes, cable calculation, armoured cable 1.5mm 3 core, 1.5mm armoured cable, 2.5mm armoured cable, 4mm armoured cable, 6mm armoured cable, 10mm armoured cable, 16mm armoured cable, 25mm armoured cable, 2 core armoured cable, 3 core armoured cable, 4 core armoured cable, 5 core armoured cable, 3 phase extension leads, 240v extension leads, armoured cable glands, cable glands, underground cable, armored cable, swa cables, armored electrical cable, armored cable glands, 6mm 3 core armoured cable, sy cable, underground armoured cable, cw20 gland pack, cw25 gland pack, bw20 gland pack, bw25 gland pack, 50mm armoured cable, 25mm 4 core armoured cable, 3 core armoured cable 16mm, 16mm 4 core armoured cable, extension leads, armoured cable joints, cable joints, swa cable, steel wire armour, non corrosive fittings, cat 5 wire Business Hours: Monday- Friday 8:00am - 5.00pm Payment Methods: visa, mastercard, paypal, applepay, banck transfer. Business Since: 2011

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