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Plastics recycling machines is our world! Extruder lines for granulating plastics, Gravimetric dispensers, Plastic washing lines, Squeezers, Shredders, crushers, lines for blowing single and multi layer films, optical and electrostatic sorters, etc... Plastics recycling machines directly from the producer, without complicated multi-step network of distribution. Our experts will take care of Your order and make sure that it goes smoothly. We guarantee professional technical consultation just from the moment of the choice of the machine until its’ installment and starting in the final location. The advantage of the Argus Machines on the market is based on the experience in manufacturing and production, thorough knowledge of all the possible issues related to the recycling and processing plastics. We are constantly monitoring the market of recycling and we follow the latest trends in this sector. We regularly take part in the industry trade fairs. We are looking forward to your contact and cooperation so do not hesitate to call or send us any inquires and/or questions.
Argus Maszyny Limited

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