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S-Beam Load Cells Promise Accurate Pigment Dispensing
pigment weigh hopper. Industries: Construction Industry Manufacturing Hopper/Silo Weighing Products Used: 3x DBBSM-1000kg Intuitive4-L Load Cell Digital Indicator PD Edenhall Ltd, one of the largest independent concrete facing brick manufacturers in the UK since the 1950s, needed to accurately monitor the quantity of pigment being dispensed into the weigh hopper throughout the manufacture of concrete facing bricks. Precise pigment dispensing needs to be calculated as inaccurate amounts of pigment can lead to incorrect colour blends, resulting in a loss of sales and profit. Solution – Accurate DBBSM S-Beam Load Cells and Intuitive4-L Digital Indicator To monitor the quantity of pigment going into the blend, 3x DBBSM S-beam load cells were connected together to the supports of the pigment weigh hopper. The DBBSM S-beam load cells checked the load of the pigment weigh hopper throughout the pigment dispensing process and the outputs of the load cells were sent to an Intuitive4 load cell digital indicator. This enabled the engineers to constantly check the correct amount of pigment was being dispensed into the mix. “We chose Applied Measurements’ DBBSM s-beam load cells as the pigment is £1000 per tonne so has to be extremely accurate.” says Paul Akers, Works Manager at PD Edenhall Ltd DBBSM S-Beam Load Cells Close up DBBSM s-beam in Yellow Pigment Dispensing Application DBBSM S-beam load cell with a robust 4-core PUR cable connected to the pigment dispensing machine. Capacities: 0-1kg up to 0-30,000kg Force & Load Measuring Tension & Compression Output: 2mV/V to 2.7mV/V High Accuracy: <±0.03% Rated Capacity Custom Versions Available Fast and Simple to Install The DBBSM S-beam load cells were ideal to use in this application as they are extremely accurate of better than ±0.03% of the rated capacity. Coupled with their dual bending beam design, they guarantee excellent accuracy. Improved accuracy can be further guaranteed by using our specially designed rod end bearings to help reduce any extraneous forces. They offer an optional sealing to provide protection in the dusty environment and a robust 4-core polyurethane cable, making them ideal to use in the pigment dispensing machine. Intuitive4-L Load Cell Digital Indicator Intuitive4-L Display in Yellow Pigment Dispensing Application Intuitive4-L load cell digital indicator linked to 3 DBBSM s-beam load cells in the pigment dispensing application. 6-Digit LED Display (±199999) Modular Construction Fast & Simple to Setup Ideal for Harsh Environments – Dust Tight IP65 Protection (Once Installed) Superior Accuracy – 10 Point Linearisation Higher Stability – Signal Filtering Adjustment Improved Resolution – 20-bit A/D Converter Compatible with the INT2 Series 10Vdc Load Cell Excitation @ 120mA max. Powers up to 4x 350Ω Load Cells Available in Less Than 1 Week The Intuitive4-L load cell digital indicator was chosen for this application as superior accuracy was needed due to the high cost of the yellow pigment. The intuitive4-L boasts a 10 point linearisation guaranteeing outstanding accuracy coupled with a 20-bit A/D converter for high resolution. High stability is promised with signal filtering adjustment options which reduce the effect of noise or instability of the input signal. Plus, it benefits from an active filter which reduces the effects of vibration and other external sources of system noise. The intuitive4-L load cell digital indicator is fast and simple to setup with its single layer menu making the options easier to find. Dimensions and fittings are entirely compatible with the existing Intuitive2 models making the switch over to this new improved version even easier. Once installed the intuitive4-L load cell digital indicator has an IP65 dust tight protection rating making it ideal to use in this harsh construction environment. If that’s not enough we can also provide an optional waterproof front panel cover for that extra level of protection. The intuitive4-L digital panel meter has a modular construction meaning that PD Edenhall Ltd could configure it to their exact specification saving them money. Options available include voltage or current analogue outputs, 2 or 4 alarm relays and a serial data output in one of several formats including RS232 ASCII, RS485 ASCII and RS485 ModBus RTU, making this a truly flexible load cell digital indicator. Do you work in the construction industry and would like to talk to us about your application? Give us a call on +44 (0) 118 981 7339 or email us.

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