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Complete Tensile Monitoring System Delivered in Under 1 Week
We can deliver a complete tensile monitoring system in under 1 week! Don't take our word for it, take Clark Masts'! "For our new larger mast range with large head loads we needed an instrument with a higher range up to 500kg and in a hurry, so that's how we decided upon your product." Gwyn Evans, Clark Masts Systems Limited. Challenge - To Measure Larger Loads in Stainless Steel Guy Cables with a Super-Fast Delivery. Clark Masts, a telescopic and sectional mast manufacturer, needed a way to accurately monitor the tensile stress in the guy cables of their newly developed super-heavy telescopic masts and they needed it urgently. With head loads of up to 500kg and extended heights of up to 34m, the measuring instrument needed to accurately handle the larger head loads, taller heights AND be delivered in under 1 week! DBBSM S-Beam Load Cell to the Rescue!! • Capacities: 0-1kg up to 0-30,000kg • Output: 2mV/V to 2.7mV/V • High Accuracy: <±0.03% • Customised Versions Available • Rod End Bearings & Load Buttons Available • Delivery Under 1 Week! With huge capacities of up to 30,000kg and an accuracy of <±0.03% of the rated capacity, the highly accurate DBBSM S-beam load cell really is the knight in stainless steel armour. Not only can it efficiently handle the larger loads in the guys, it can also be supplied in less than 1 week! Its tough construction makes it ideal to use in the harsh outdoor conditions on the guy cables. Rod Ends and Mounting Accessories We supplied Clark Masts with a DBBSM-1000kg S-beam load cell and additional rod end bearings to enable effective tensile testing of the larger loads in the guy cables. The rod end bearings serve to: • Centralise the Tensile Force Through the Primary Axis. • Reduce any Extraneous Forces. • Improve Overall Performance and Accuracy of the Load Cell. "By using the DBBSM S-beam load cell with the rod end bearings, Clark Masts increased the overall efficiency of their tensile monitoring system." says Robert Davies, Applied Measurements' Production Director. TR150 Handheld Display Along with the DBBSM-1000kg s-beam load cell we also supplied a 7 digit LCD handheld indicator. The TR150 handheld indicator has an IP65 rating making it a perfect partner to the DBBSM S-beam load cell, as both can be used in the harsh outdoor environments of Clark Masts tensile testing. Its fantastic dual range function means the display can be calibrated in 2 different engineering units i.e. newtons and kg or can be used to calibrate 2 separate load cells using just 1 display. It is powered by 2x AA batteries which can last up to 450 hours of continuous use in low power mode. Our DBBSM S-beam load cell can be supplied in less than 1 week and with our ex-stock TR150 handheld indicators mean we can offer a complete tensile monitoring system in under 1 week! Call us now to order yours now on +44 (0) 118 981 7339 or email us on for your complete tensile monitoring system.

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