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Applied Measurements Treatment Centre Open For Patients
It’s a sad situation when a transducer becomes sick or injured, but unfortunately it does happen. Whether in the line of duty or due to handler’s abuse, with Applied Measurements’ Treatment Centre the patient need not be poorly for long. Use Applied Measurements’ Treatment Centre And You Will Get: • NO Initial Inspection Fee • 6 Months Warranty on ALL Repairs • UKAS Traceable Calibration Certificates Available for Every Repaired Transducer • Detailed Fault Report Sent Out Within 7 Working Days of Receipt • Dedicated Team of Experts to Repair Your Transducer We will accept any stain gauge based transducer for repair, whether it was supplied by us originally or another manufacturer (no questions asked!). There’s no need to worry about unexpected costs either, as we do NOT charge an initial inspection fee and we will NOT carry out any procedures without your prior approval. What Do I Need To Do? Just send us in your faulty strain gauge based transducer. Once the patient has been received, we will send out a detailed fault report within 7 working days of its arrival. Depending on the injury, most are able to be repaired and sent home within 14 working days of arrival. Calibration certificates traceable to UKAS National Standards are provided when required to verify that the patient is ready for release. If that’s not enough, we are so convinced of our high level of service that we give all our repairs a 6 month warranty. Fit-For-Fit Replacements If your transducer is beyond repair, don’t despair. We can offer a replacement, even if it’s not one of our own products! We can design and manufacture a direct like-for-like replacement for you, no matter where the original was purchased, even if it’s no longer available from the original manufacturer. So, if you have an unhealthy transducer, don’t make it suffer any longer. Send in your faulty transducer and our dedicated team of experts will do the rest. For further advice please contact our dedicated technical sales team on +44 (0) 118 981 7339.

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