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3D Printed Mould Tooling

Andel Plastics has launched a new service to produce 3D printed injection mould tooling, using latest additive manufacturing techniques. Andel is well renown for it’s design services for component improvement and manufacture. With a 3D printing and prototyping service Andel is able to offer the adjustments to CAD models that would improve components. Potentially also reducing tooling and moulding costs for the whole project being able to supply 3D printed physical prototype for testing and assessment. However, Andel can now also offer 3D printed injection mould tooling for prototype projects (design complexity dependant). This 3D printed tooling has proven capable of moulding a minimum of 1000 parts for proof of concept purposes*. Tooling is made in steel and can offer conformal cooling etc that is not available with the traditional tooling manufacture techniques. With more funding available to entrepreneurs within the UK to keep manufacturing and production on shore, this is a great addition to Andel Plastics’s already extensive services on offer. They can now take a customer on the journey from concept, design, 3D prototype printing products, to 3D printed mould tool. Taking them then onto fully hardened tooling and production moulding capability. Andel Plastic’s also offer a Cleanroom packaging service, ultrasonic welding service and small assembly service. Later this year they will add the newest service to their range of colour printing onto plastic products. Making them one of the leading Injection moulding service provider


*some nylon filled materials may reduce this

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