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Distressed Fleets Insurance
Sometimes a fleet experience can deteriorate to a point where many insurers will simply not want to become involved. This can be the fault of a number of factors, poor quality drivers, disinterested management or poor performance of insurer and broker.We think we can help with all 3. AMICUS have a proven track record of taking over poorly performing fleets and taking action to turn their fortunes around. Our forensic approach to claims and risk management has saved £ tens of Thousands of fleet renewals in as little as 12 months with clients going on to further savings year on year. We have seen lower management time lost on fleet management and claims issues and improved utilisation with much reduced down time. If you have a fleet that is running badly and where the premiums just keep going up and up every year, talk to us to see how we can work together to turn things around. You will be saving much more than money …. Contact us today on 0208 669 0991 to discuss your requirements.

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