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Come and see us on stand 13 at the Torbay Hi-Tech Forum Event at the Reviera International Centre in Torquay on Thursday 20th October Established in 2007, Alpha Contract Engineering Ltd is a provider of consulting, manufacturing and design expertise. Consultancy services Drawing on our decades of experience we are able to help with manufacturing, production and organisational problems and opportunities in most organisations however large or small and within many different industries. Equipment Design and build capability We have a proven track record of designing and building equipment to meet customer specific requirements calling upon expertise in Electrical/Elecronic, Mehanical, Optical and Automation disciplines. Project specific Contracting We are able to work on short, medium and long term contracts from our facility or on location at your site anywhere in the world. Contract Manufacturing using our in house facilities and sub contract capabilities We can provide Prototyping and Lab scale assembly as well as some larger volume capability. We can provide Eutectic Die bonding, Gold (Au) wirebonding, Aluminium (Al) wirebonding, Hermetic Sealing, Optical Alignment and Test capability. University and R&D Manufacturing capability
Alpha Contract Engineering Ltd

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