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Addcounsel provide a high quality bespoke healthcare service specialising in the treatment of a range of behavioural health disorders. With our 'Recovery Route'‚Äč we work with a number of referral channels to ensure clients receive fast, effective assistance. These are primarily within the Private advisory and medical community, where we have an extensive network and support structure We have an individualised approach to meeting the long term behavioural healthcare needs of families and their members. Addcounsel provides multi-disciplinary healthcare services to those who are experiencing problems which focus on the the intervention, assessment, treatment and maintenance of individual health in the form of the following activities. Treatment of disease, disorder & injuries This includes private healthcare consultations and treatments in relation to addiction and mental health disorders associated with drugs, alcohol, sex and gambling; mental health issues such as depression, anxiety, mild dementia, stress and eating disorders ; physical examinations; health assessments; prescribing and administration of medicines and care and support during treatment. With a team of over 40 specialists we provide best in class long term support to those suffering from a number of illnesses. This multi-disciplinary team has be designed to ensure we can provide a bespoke approach to our clients.

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