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"Aciety Company is a leading software provider with 10 years of experience. Our custom software solutions are actionable and reliable, with the flexibility to adapt to your unique business needs. : • The growing Tech Talent Gap - With the demand for techtalent projected to continue rising, finding affordable talent will remain a pain point. Distributed resourcing, such as outsourced development teams, is a solution more organizations are adopting thanks to the uptake of flexible work practices in response to the pandemic. • Acceleration of Digital Transformation – Many IT executives say they need outside expertise for digital transformation initiatives. They’re open to alternative talent sources such as the on-demand outsourcing network provided by Aciety. • The Cost-Innovation Dichotomy – As the survival imperative of the pandemic eases, organizations are looking to reignite their innovation plans. Software development outsourcing will continue to be in strong demand, for both innovation and #efficiency gains to be had. • The New Reality of Remote Work – The COVID-19 pandemic forced businesses to accept that many of their employees would be working outside the office. The majority of companies are planning to continue some degree of remotework indefinitely. A bigger role is anticipated for software outsourcing, given the greater comfort with managing dispersed teams. • Next-Level Partnership Management – A closer collaboration is emerging between companies and outsourcing partners. The key areas include careful partner selection, meticulous contracting, and proactive governance."

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