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A photo booth experience like no other. 360 photo booth hire captures memories in 360 degrees. creating amazing branded content that is organically shared by your guests. You may have come across it, but are probably not sure what the 360 photo booth is? Well, the 360 photo booth is one of the trendiest event and entertainment experiences available on the market today. Commonly referred to as the 360 photo booth, it is in real sense a video booth the record 120 frames per second. All you need to do is step on the platform and a video camera will slowly revolve around you to capture high-resolution slow motion video from all angles. This is one of the most creative ways to capture content, and the perfect experience for brands looking to make their live events or performance more lively and engaging. There are few videos that have been showcased along this article to help you understand how the 360 photo booth works.
Ace 360 Photo Booth
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