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Right People With The Right Attitude. 24x7offshoring is an IT, Data and BPO company based out of Delhi, India. Having a wide exposure in over 100 Medium to large scale projects, across 5 continents, 24x7offshoring is the one-stop solution for Large corporations across the world. We help our clients offshore outsourcing, AI Data collection and cleaning, Commercial spaces, BPO, SaaS marketing and several other domains. The company is headed by Dr. Teja, Co-founder and CEO. He has extensive experience in handling, coordinating and delivering several high profile projects. With the network of professionals and customers we have built over the last 3 years, we are confident of world-class project management and delivery across domains. We live by the motto, our network is our net worth. Our lasting relationship with all our clients has helped us grow 300% YoY. Offshoring gives a wide scope of help for customer foundation, while proactively making sure about workstations and organizations against the always changing dangers on the web, so you can concentrate on what you know, maintaining your business. We have 80+ Offshoring clients with over 280 staff supporting businesses in Australia, New Zealand, USA, UK, Singapore, China, Hawaii , russia , europe, Japan, uae and many more we have developed a lot and now provide an easy and affordable offshoring solution for our clients
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