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1+1 Research is a global full-service quantitative and qualitative market research Fieldwork Company committed to providing high-quality data collection market research, opinion mining, sentiment analysis services to companies worldwide. We have in-depth experience in applying suitable methodologies across a wide range of different industries, geographies, and cultures, we are consistently making an impact on the growth of our clients’ businesses and provides accurate data with actionable insights for your business needs. Our recruitment team can reach and recruit audiences are from different geography, culture and sectors which includes but are not limited to C- level executive including VPs, department heads, and directors, finance professionals, IT/IS decision-makers. Our Qualitative and Quantitative services includes: In-Dept Face to Face and Online Interviews Computer-Aided Personal interviews (CAPI) Online Surveys Central Location Tests – CLT Ethnography Studies / Mobile Ethnography Mystery Shopping Focus Group Interviews / Online FGD’s Usability Testing / UXUI Research
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