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Why Your B2E Systems Are Key to Good Customer Service

Most businesses above the very smallest small business category have some form of technology in place for communicating and making information available to employees. Whether you have a bespoke application for this or an 'intranet', these kinds of B2E (business to employee) systems can be a very valuable asset, or a wasted opportunity, depending on how well you manage the content on them.

While some companies view their internal websites and apps as a good repository for those necessary but seldom accessed things like health and safety policies, and as portals for HR tasks like completing holiday requests or sick leave forms, they can actually be so much more than that, and really help you arm your staff with the information they need to give exceptional customer service.

A B2E System Staff Can Really Benefit From

One of the most important ways you can use your B2E system is to contain all of the latest information they may need to sell your products or services, or to help customers who are having problems. While you can give your customer support and sales staff plenty of training, a B2E system is the best place to keep the information they will use on a daily basis, and can also equip other staff to answer questions on the fly should a sales opportunity or issue come up during their own communications with people outside the business.

One of the best ways to do this is to have a full catalogue of your products available through your B2E system which may also include additional information and the ability for staff to leave notes that won't be shown on the web version of the catalogue, for instance about known issues or about things they have found helpful when helping clients with a given product.

Managing B2E Systems Smoothly

Of course, the more information rich your B2E systems are, the more you have to keep up to date. In the world of eCommerce, particularly within an omni-channel solution it is important to have this information in a real-time CMS (content management system) connected directly to your master data, that makes it simpler to manage what content is on any of your touchpoints, and which versions of a given product description, price or piece of web content are shown to your customer groups. If you are currently using SAP ERP, then a SAP centric solution like Weaveability B2E CMS can offer all of this.

Promoting B2E Systems in Your Office Culture

Part of how effective your B2E systems are depends on how well people use it. If people are led to believe the B2E system is a tool they should constantly be referencing in their work, rather than a place for the odd message from management, then they will leverage your efforts to make it useful. Make your B2E system a hub for your business information.

B2E systems, when done well, can be a huge asset that can help your staff perform better when dealing with customers. Make sure yours is being used to its full potential.
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