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Why Working Your Butt off Is Killing Your Business and How to Fix It

If you can't delegate effectively, you’ll never be able to reach the level of mental and physical health required for the level of success you want. Think of it this way: What’s the point of cleaning the floors while a wet dog runs around inside? If you’re constantly cleaning up after someone else, what some may call "micromanaging," you can’t be an effective leader.

You can’t do everything. It’s that simple. A healthy business should be able to run smoothly without you around, and delegation is your daily multivitamin. Master these ideas for improving your delegation skills, and watch your profits increase and the confidence of your workforce thrive:

Take Care
The best leaders are the first to the office and the last to leave, right? Doesn't Apple CEO Tim Cook get company emails out by 4:30 a.m. every day? This is all true and an important part of being a leader, but a closer look at the schedules of some of the world’s most successful leaders reveals an even more interesting trend. Not only are they getting up early to push out company emails and prep for meetings, but they’re multitasking, in true entrepreneurial spirit. They also incorporate mental and physical health into their morning routines, such as working out, meditating and listening to music. The best entrepreneurs lead by example and blaze a good trail for others to follow.

To do this, be a personal and professional inspiration to others by living a happy and healthy life. Don’t talk about how tired you are or how many hours you spent answering emails. Don’t ditch your workout or your daily Ted Talk for more work. Instead, talk about your morning hike, the new meditation you found on YouTube or the salmon recipe you found on Pinterest. The first step to successful delegation is a mutual level of respect and an environment rooted in positivity, so that's what you should show your employees.

Teamwork Makes the Dream Work
Many 9 to 5 workers think entrepreneurs are loners. But the best entrepreneurs know that it takes a city to build an empire. Just look at the 14-year-old girl from rural Arizona who created a $250 million company, Origami Owl, based on the power of people. Direct sales may not be the most glamorous form of entrepreneurship, but it is the perfect model for growth. It’s why companies like Amway are at the top of Forbes' list of successful companies. They give consumers what they want and empower their employees to make money based on their effort and energy. As the leader of your ship, if you have to steer the boat, you need the power of other people to row and trusted leaders to guide it.

Building Is a Bear
It’s tough to build a team that works well individually and together. Dynamics are never easy to juggle, but it is an essential leadership skill. Plus, it saves time and is easier to train a group of people than individuals. Team dynamics can be used to keep each other accountable as well as keep you in business. The more time you spend building your team at the beginning, the easier delegation will be in the future. This is where a true leader shines.
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