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Why use Find the Needle?

A question we are often asked by prospective new members of the Find the Needle Trade website is “Why should we become members?” The answer is in fact multi-layered.

The obvious and most tempting answer is simply ‘exposure'.

You need to imagine your website as having an audience. If your SEO is healthy and your marketing plan smart then your audience should be large and targeted for your industry sector. Find the Needle opens your company up to an audience you would otherwise have no access to. It has taken over fifteen years to build a database that appeals to the entire B2B market in the UK.

The highest number of new and unique visitors per day use Find the Needle to source Products and Services in your sector. The question should really be “How can we afford not to be listed on Find the Needle?”.

Secondary benefits are many, but the main two are ‘SEO’ and ‘Google exposure’.

SEO (search engine optimisation) is a very broad term, meaning how well your own website is geared towards performing in the search engines (Google etc.) and opinions vary greatly from SEO specialist to SEO specialist.

Where Find the Needle truly, and unequivocally, helps is with Backlinks. As much as Backlinks perhaps don’t hold the same level of importance as in the Pre Penguin and Panda Google update world, they are still an extremely important part of how Google will judge your own websites power on the web and performance within it’s own algorithms and results.

We build backlinks of high value with every page we build within your listing. Within 12 months you will find that Find the Needle is highly likely to be comfortably within the top 3 backlink providers that your website has globally. And as a result this will improve your SEO rank within Google. All our content has a high trust-flow rank and is unique in nature.

Google Exposure is really an obvious benefit. A trade directory with the power of Find the Needle will often be an extremely effective method of gaining page one results in Google for keywords important to your business that were proving elusive for your own website. We allow the client to add up to 400 products and/or services to each section of their listing.

Whilst we are at the mercy of Google algorithms as much as anybody else, we have years of experience in building listings that are effective within Google and provide stunning exposure for relative search results for our clients.

So to conclude. “Why use Find the Needle?” I would suggest you become a member for 12 months and let the results answer that question for you. We are confident in becoming not just an extremely beneficial media partner for you, but indeed your number one external marketing lead source in the UK.

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Why use Find the Needle?

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