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Why Employee Contracts Are So Important In The Workplace

Providing your workforce with an informative employment contract is essential for the smooth running of your business. It not only provides an employee with a clear outline of the terms of their job role, but also protects the employer when issues start to arise. Having a contract drawn up and signed by both parties before employment starts is a great way to show you are a responsible business owner, and any new employees should be thankful for the due diligence. Here are just a few ways an employee contract will benefit your business in the future:
Job Role Expectations Will Be Detailed Clearly
There will be no confusion whatsoever in terms of work expectations when it is detailed clearly in the employee contract. The individual will understand all responsibilities they'll have to undertake and won’t begin to question responsibilities when tasks are delegated, this is also useful for fellow colleagues to be made aware of so they know where the latest member slots into the team.
If the business starts to develop or expand an employee’s job role may start to change, it is good practice to have contracts revised on an annual basis and perhaps be in incorporated into a yearly review. Discuss the current contract with the employee and decide whether it reflects the tasks they are responsible for correctly, making sure any necessary changes are drawn up and signed.
Disagreements and Disputes Will Be Minimised
Conflicts within the workplace are never good for business, especially when they are between the employee and employer, so a detailed employee contract can really help reduce this or at least bring them to a close quickly. Depending on the nature of the dispute, a contract can be a vital piece of information if disagreements escalate towards either party taking legal action.
Tensions can run extremely high within the workplace when disputes start to arise and an employees behaviour may suddenly change. A disgruntled staff member may take matters into their own hands if they feel they have been mistreated or underpaid, sometimes choosing to lash out, steal or cause criminal damage to office property, so you should outline as many codes of conduct possible in a contract. You may also need to seek advice from organisations such as Criminal Law solicitors London to help protect your business interests.
Wages and Payment Dates Will Be Outlined
Is there any workplace in the world that doesn’t experience issues when it comes to wages and payment dates for employees, money is always going to be a sensitive topic so it is important to get it right and manage expectations from the very first day. You’ll need to make it clear how wages will be structured, whether it be an annual salary or paid by the hour, and whether there are any commission elements to the job role or annual bonuses in place.
Payment dates can also cause huge confusion, especially when holiday dates get in the way of normal schedules, so outline clearly when they can expect to receive their wage and where their payslip will arrive. Commission based or hourly rate wages can differ every month so allow your employees the opportunity to review their upcoming payment beforehand, it will show huge consideration for their time and effort in the office.

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