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What Makes a Great Business Website?

To appeal to customers, it is important that you create a great business website that can both present the values of your business and make it easy for customers to invest in the products and services that you are selling. This guide shares some of the top tips that you need to create a great website that can engage customers and encourage them to explore your website for far longer than the average 15 second visit. 

Smooth Running

One of the most important aspects in creating a great website is to ensure that there are no issues in its running and operations, ensuring that your customers can have a relaxing and responsive experience on your website. If your website runs smoothly, this means that your pages will load quickly and that all of the functions of your website work correctly without fault.
When running a business, you may have some common tech problems, and a broken website is one of them. If you believe that issues are affecting your website and your ability to gain website conversions, Digivante website testing can help you to isolate the issues behind your low conversion rates through live site monitoring, allowing you to determine and find any problems with your website before your customers do, as well as help to solve issues with your website pre-launch.

Easy Navigation

Good websites also need to be easy to navigate for your customers, as this will enable them to find the information and products that they are looking for. In order to make your navigation simple for customers, you should create a search bar for your website and ensure that this works correctly to allow customers to find specific products without scrolling through multiple pages. You should also create separate categories for your products or information, and place these within a header at the top of your website; you should make sure that their titles are clear.
Breadcrumb trails are also popular, and show users how they have arrived at a certain webpage. These help users to backtrack and orientate themselves around the website, finding other, relevant information that they may be interested in.

Professional Website Design

It is also important to have a professional website design for your business website as this will show your business in a positive light that customers can trust, boosting your conversion rate. For instance, you can ensure that your website looks great by compartmentalising your design, which allows information to stand out and be found easily without making the screen cluttered and disorientating. If you are unsure, website builders such as Wordpress can be useful when creating your first website as they provide pre-tested themes that you can choose from and customise toward your brand’s image.

Information Sharing

Your website should also be able to convey all of the most important information about your company, and this is a factor which it is important to focus on when creating your website. For instance, you should include all of the most important information such as your brand message at the top of your homepage, include links to your social media and other platforms where customers can hear first about your latest updates, and create a blog that can discuss in-depth the most important elements of your business.

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