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Why do we need online anonymity?


It's often believed that only individuals involved in illicit activity would want their identities concealed. When talking about anonymity, people often use phrases like "If you're not doing anything wrong, you have nothing to worry about." But in reality, there are many good reasons to remain unknown, especially in the online space. Being unable to protect your identity when needed might lead to major privacy issues.

Anonymity vs. Pseudonymity

Anonymity is not a concept that the internet invented. The use of pseudonyms and anonymity has been very often practiced historically. Pseudonymity, in which a name different than the real author is used, is a typical variation of anonymity. So to ensure a more objective evaluation of their information, people tend to conceal who they really are.

When writing sensitive content, a well-known blogger may adopt a pseudonym if he doesn't want people's assumptions about who the true author is to influence how they receive the information. Despite its flaws, anonymity offers numerous benefits. People can criticize those in power and share unpopular opinions without fear of precautions or humiliation while they remain anonymous. 

People are empowered to accomplish many valuable things without feeling limited by their anonymity in daily life. Many people might become more polite and cautious in their behaviour if they lose their anonymity. That's advantageous. However, it could also block a lot of priceless emotion. 

Living in a society where every action and statement was watched, recorded, and evaluated would be intolerable.

"Even if you're not doing anything wrong, you are being watched and recorded." Edward Snowden

Major Benefits of Online Privacy

Being anonymous on the internet has a lot of benefits, including:

1. Freedom of speech

Thanks to the pseudonym, users can express their opinions on different sharing platforms, including social media, blogs, and even in the website comments sections, without fear of judgment or reaction that could negatively impact the real world.

2. Freedom to act

Online anonymity offers users freedom of movement, at least while being online, enabling them to engage in activities without fear of judgment or direct surveillance. 

3. Anonymous digital identity

Online anonymity makes it feasible to create a digital persona separated from the user's true name. This online persona makes it simpler to separate one's private and online life and may even help individuals who share similar interests form online friendships.

4. Data protection

Hackers will do anything to steal personal data because it is one of the most valuable commodities on the internet. Being anonymous stops hackers from accessing critical data, including passwords, banking information, personal information, and credit card transactions.

With so many benefits, it's understandable that most Internet users place such a high value on online anonymity. Users can become fully anonymous only by using anonymous internet services. However, true online anonymity starts with the way you host and share your online content. 

Only Anonymous Hosting Guarantees a Total Anonymity

If you don't want your real identity to be revealed, you have to share your content with anonymous hosting services. Only with the help of these anonymous services is anonymous image hosting or anonymous video hosting possible. Anonymous hosting is perfect for setting up any anonymous website, starting a blog anonymously, and much more.

The majority of anonymous hosting services use VPS technology. Thanks to a simple configuration and root access, you may customize your anonymous server to meet your requirements. No matter what kind of hosting environment you prefer - CPU, RAM, or SSD optimized - anonymous VPS is designed to handle even the most demanding computing workloads.

How does anonymous hosting work?

Absolute user privacy is the cornerstone of anonymous hosting. You can protect your identity more effectively by providing less personally identifiable information. Therefore, no private information is needed when signing up for anonymous hosting.

Your privacy is well protected even when it comes to payments, and you can pay your hosting bills only with untraceable cryptocurrencies. Although cryptocurrency has gained huge popularity, Bitcoin is not the most private coin. Therefore, avoid linking your wallet with cryptocurrency services like Binance that follow KYC policy.

The onion domain is yet another privacy feature of anonymous hosting. This top-level domain is accessible only through the Tor browser, which can be run on any OS. The Tor browser anonymizes your online behaviour by rerouting your traffic through a network of randomly selected volunteer-run nodes. It's highly advised to access your anonymous servers' control panel only with the Tor browser.

For those looking for better privacy, anonymous hosting presents the ideal solution. With all its privacy-boosting features, anonymous hosting lets you host your content anonymously without disclosing your true identity. In the modern online world, privacy-protecting and remaining anonymous for some users might be life-saving.


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