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How to set up your remote workers

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way people all over the world have lived their lives and continues to affect people to this day. It’s not just adverse health conditions that have affected people’s way of life but it has also caused businesses to adapt to maintain profitability throughout this torrid period of time.

The biggest change to working life was people working remotely. With office work being deemed too dangerous for staff, they were forced to take their work home with them and work remotely. Whilst this is a huge change, there are many benefits to working from home too which roughly 40% of the UK workforce enjoy to this day.

Remote working, however, can only be successful if staff members are fully equipped to do their job at home. To help, we’ve prepared a guide on our you can set up your remote workers. Read on to find out more.

Prioritise safety

Although most homeworking jobs involved sitting at a desk, there are still many injuries that can occur. These are most commonly caused by poor posture which is why staff should be equipped with the correct wrist, leg and back support to give staff members the right posture.

One other concern is eye strain which can easily be reduced by giving your employees monitor risers.

Set them up with I.T

Working from home rather than in the office means that employees can’t just go over to the I.T department to physically show them the issue. This is why you must make sure they have contact details and know what to do if their tech stops working.

I.T should also give them equipment such as USB sticks and a mouse which will make completing their tasks easier.

Be accessible

When someone new joins your team, it’s important that they can get in touch with their line manager or a buddy at all times. This will allow them to ask any questions they want to and get a fast response, so they’ll not sit waiting around for too long.

Encourage breaks

No worker can work hard from 9am to 5pm which is why they must be allowed to have breaks to recuperate their energy throughout the day. When staff are in the office, employees can take coffee or smoking breaks frequently and this should be encouraged at home too.

As you can see, setting your staff up to work from home can be easy when you take the right steps. This will allow them to lead a healthier work/life balance as well as be able to complete their daily tasks from the comfort of their own homes, at the standards you expect from them.

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