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What Makes Oak a Solid Choice? The Important Reasons Why Oak Remains a Top Choice

Oak furniture and various oak elements have been used for Oak furniture and various oak elements have been seen and used for centuries, and we all have a fair idea of its redeeming qualities. But despite the proliferation of other premium types of wood these days, oak remains the wood of choice by many. For one, it is incredibly versatile, having served as both furniture and structural support for decades. Still, it is also, as you may already know, immensely durable and the hardiest type of wood you can find. Finally, of course, there's also no denying that oak is a beautiful type of wood, with its distinctive graining and colouring that makes it even more beautiful as it ages (just like fine wine!). But this is merely the tip of the iceberg - what else makes oak a solid choice, even today? Following are the critical reasons why oak remains a top choice.
The properties
1. Durable and strong
Amongst the many different properties of oak, perhaps what it’s most known for is its durability and strength. It is evidenced by oak beams that still stand strong even if they are generations old, and this is why those who have them realise they have such a treasure on their hands that they turn to beam renovation experts, regardless of the beam renovation cost. Those who know their intrinsic value know that they are both priceless and irreplaceable, and this is why beam restoration and renovation are exceedingly popular today.
But there's a reason why oak beams and furniture that is centuries old still stand today. It is an obvious reason, but it's fascinating nonetheless – it's because of the wood's tannin levels, which are high enough to make it resistant to insect infestation or fungus or mould buildup. As a result, there is hardly any shrinkage in oak, and it doesn't warp as much as other wood varieties.
2. Flexible and easy to use
Another quality and property of oak that makes it a great choice – then and now – is its flexibility. Whilst it’s true that other varieties of wood are also pretty flexible, such as pine, pine is in no way as strong as oak. As we know, oak can grow quite massively – and its sheer size can produce a whole range of timber. And because it is long, it makes for excellent flooring and panelling for any home or building. If oak is used in a property, it doesn't take much effort as you don't need as many pieces – and because of its uniformity in colour and graining, this makes furniture and oak beams consistent throughout. Its ease of use makes it an excellent choice for anything, as you can make furniture or flooring, beams or panelling, with the same durability throughout.
3. Aesthetically attractive
Everybody is familiar with how oak wood looks. As mentioned, it has a distinctive, wonderful grain, making it look unique from other types of wood. In addition, the graining is so distinctive that it is replicated in MDF and other 'fake' flooring! What's more, as its golden colour dries off, eventually leaving the wood with a silvery tinge that's elegant and even more attractive.
There’s no doubt that oak is a type of wood that’s here to stay – so if you’re lucky enough to have oak elements in your home, make sure to take proper care of it and restore it when necessary.
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