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Best Practices To Keep Up To Date With Cyber Threats And Protect Your Business

As the information security world is constantly evolving, it is more important than ever to keep up with the latest cybersecurity news, threats, and vulnerabilities. Although you may be busy with the day-to-day operations of your business, it is still advisable to spare some time each day and stay on top of developments. Also, it may be beneficial to explore different strategies, which can help you respond to current threats effectively. However, the uncontrolled nature of cyber attacks can make it overwhelming to keep up with all the cybersecurity information out there. Today we will share some of our top tips to maintain your cybersecurity knowledge and guidance on what you can do to tackle current issues.

Follow Security Professionals

If you are trying to catch up with the latest trends in cybersecurity, it is best to start by listening to security experts. For example, you can obtain some useful information from traditional sources, such as news websites and blogs. Alternatively, you may want to follow people who have made a name for themselves in the industry on social media. Twitter can be a great resource for trending issues and innovations in information security. You should also stay on top of reports published by reputable companies outside of individual people. They will provide you with some good insights into recent data breaches and practical solutions to protect your business.

Obtain ISO 27001 Certification

The ISO 27001 certification is an international standard for information security, which aims to protect vital information assets, such as business data. It will help you comply with your legal and regulatory obligations, demonstrating proactive management. High Table can help you comply with obligations, using ISO 27001 Templates, which ensure complete coverage of the expected international standard. This will allow you to demonstrate full credibility and increase customer confidence in your company. As this certification follows a rigid framework and it is subject to regular quality checks, this makes it an effective way to guarantee a high standard of information security and reduce the risk of cyber attacks.

Browse Security-Related Topics

Social media platforms are great resources for additional content, such as videos, opinions, news stories, and other posts. Also, you may discover further information on local, national, and global events, as well as top cybersecurity businesses and solutions. If you use relevant hashtags, you can browse various topics and discussions about current events. This will allow you to watch things play out and react to updates in real-time. In addition, there are many websites dedicated to cybersecurity, which include useful advice and guidance, so it may be worth subscribing to their newsletters.

Attend Events And Webinars

There are many in-person cybersecurity events, which can help you expand your knowledge. For example, you may want to attend lectures, seminars, workshops, discussions, networking events, or educational courses. Alternatively, you will find a variety of web-based events, such as webinars and online conference calls. Keep in mind that some of the best cybersecurity professionals tend to attend these events, which means you can learn a lot from them. Be sure to research where and when these events are taking place by checking local newspapers, magazines, and social media.

Listen To Cybersecurity Podcasts

At times, you may not have time to read article after article and you might want to find quicker alternatives. Podcasts are a great avenue to keep up to date with cybersecurity news while you drive, walk, or travel. They are the perfect way to fill your time, as you can listen to them on the go and multitask. You can find plenty of security-related podcasts through different channels, media apps, and music libraries. From new vulnerabilities to security updates and even evolving concepts, such as password authentication, there is a lot you can learn.

Take Cybersecurity Online Courses

Cybersecurity online courses make it easy and simple to practise your skills and get a better understanding of cybersecurity threats. For example, you will learn how to recognise security threats and the steps you need to take to minimise risks. If you are new to cybersecurity, online courses can also be a great resource to familiarise yourself with concepts, such as malware, network security, identity theft, and others. This will allow you to apply risk analysis and management techniques to your day-to-day operations. As a result, the new knowledge you will gain will make it easier to educate your employees on the topic.

Consider Vulnerability And Risk Advisory Feeds

It is crucial to remain aware of new and old technology security vulnerabilities, such as web browsers, operating systems, and apps. Remember that there are many personal and professional tools, that may have been compromised or attacked. Therefore, it is advisable to check vulnerability alert feeds to protect business data. If checking these feeds is not feasible, another strategy can be to keep your systems updated at all times. This way, you can minimise the chances of a cybercriminal exploiting vulnerabilities and gaining access to your data.

Improve Employee Awareness

Most of the time, security awareness activities for employees only last about an hour each year, where they are shown the same presentation. Although many companies may view security awareness training as a waste of time, it is actually crucial to improve employee awareness. You need to create a cultural shift, aimed at understanding the importance of information security and the consequences of data breaches. It is important to emphasise that each employee needs to do their own part. Remember that cultural changes happen gradually, so it is best to introduce new activities step by step.

Update Your Network Security Controls

Implementing what you have learned is just as important as staying informed about cybersecurity. If it has been a while since your company has updated its network security controls, they may need a refresh. For example, take a look at your firewalls and virtual private network gateways and consider whether they offer the latest functionality. Perhaps you need to upgrade or replace them and implement additional network security software. Similarly, it is recommended to ensure that your policies are updated to reflect the latest technologies and cybersecurity best practices.

Require Strong Authentication

Cyber attacks often occur due to compromised user accounts, that allow them to gain entry to a business’s internal resources. Therefore, it may be useful to require multi-factor authentication for every user in order to prevent cyber attacks. Be sure to implement this practice for security professionals, system administrators, or anyone with privileged access to your systems and networks. This will also provide extra layers of security for both employees and consumers. For example, you may want to make it mandatory for users to verify their credibility using a password, a one-time code, and Google Authenticator.


Create Strong Passwords

To make it more difficult for attackers, it is important to be organised when it comes to passwords. You may want to implement a password manager program, which will help your staff use unique passwords, that are hard to guess. Also, it will be easier for employees to incorporate the latest recommendations for strong passwords, such as symbols, long phrases, punctuation, and capitalisation. As your staff won’t need to remember complicated passwords, this means they can use a different one for each access point. Consequently, each account will have a strong password and overall security will be increased.

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