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Wayfinding Signs And Directions

You may already know what wayfinding signs are. They are signage that helps potential clients find their way around. Wayfinding signs are also called directional signs and should follow ADA compliance implemented in your business facility or an area that's accessible to the public. Most of the time, wayfinding signs installed in or outside business premises are not optimized properly to deliver the best results for the business. Here is how to make wayfinding signs far more effective for your business:

1. Bigger Is Better

Just because the sign is bigger, it may not be helpful most of the time. But when it comes to wayfinding signs, the bigger the sign, the better results you can expect for your business. It helps visitors find the right directions within or outside your premises or at an exhibition. Use exhibition panels to their full potential to attract people to your stand. The size of the wayfinding sign should be directly proportional to the visibility since a bigger sign is easy to read from a distance. In fact, such a sign will stand out against everything else around it. On the other hand, when a visitor is looking for a wayfinding sign, it means he or she isn't familiar with the surroundings of the premises. The sign should be installed in the biggest size possible for it to be effective for your business.

2. High Contrast

Objects with high contrast stand out and have more visibility. You should include colors with high contrast for your wayfinding sign to stand out and easily be understood. A combination of black and white is a common example of a high contrast sign. When you work with an experienced signage maker, they will provide you with a color combination that is high contrast and match your overall branding needs.

3. Don't Forget The Theme

Wayfinding signs are not only for the exterior of your building. When a customer visits your premises, a wayfinding sign will make sure he or she is not lost or feels irritated. Door signs, office lobby signs, wall graphics, and more interior signs will help the potential customer easily navigate your premises. All the interior wayfinding signs should have the same them to maintain cohesive decor.

4. Short And Sweet

When a potential visitor looks at your wayfinding sign, it should give them the accurate information that they are looking for. The customer should be clear and upfront information instead of marketing and branding advice. It is also important to limit the number of directional signs on your premises since customers can get overwhelmed with the information.


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