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Online Fax vs Real Fax – A Guide

Thousands of small businesses are still using the traditional fax machine for their communication. It has remained a popular form of communication because it is the safest way of sending and receiving documents, even though it is perceived as an outdated form of communication. You will know when the document has arrived because you are going to get a confirmation once it is completed.

Online Fax

But today you don’t need to have a fax machine to get the benefits. Online faxing has become a good way of mixing the reliability and security of traditional faxing with the convenience and speed of digital technology. Small businesses and small offices have benefited from this technology because it has reduced the cost and time of faxing and communicating.

How can Internet faxing help your business? Below are some ways it can help?

It is a fast way of sending and receiving fax

One of the main benefits of online faxing for small businesses is speed.

The most popular way of sending a fax is through email, according to It is a good way to do it because everyone knows how to send and receive emails. The difference when sending a fax by email is you are going to use the email as the fax number. You can also upload the contents of the fax as an attachment. Find fax services near me.

It is incredibly fast to send out fax by email. You can send out fax by email in mere seconds once you learn how to compose it. Once you send out the fax through email, you have to let the fax servers do the rest as you wait for the confirmation message. Receiving a fax is fast because everything is automatic. The fax service is going to give you a digital line that is going to convert it to PDF then send it to your email.

You Have a Virtual Fax Machine in Your Pocket

Fax machines aren’t portable because they are big and chunky. You also need to have a dedicated fax line or a nearby phone for it to work. Online faxing is the opposite. Digital fax is sent or received through the internet, which means you can access your fax provided you have a smartphone, computer, or tablet with Internet access.

Some services have extra features like mobile fax apps that make faxing using the phone easy. The apps have basic faxing capabilities, and you can receive your fax even if you are not in the office or at home. There is an option to compose fax by taking a photo of the document using your phone. The app is going to optimize the photo. Keep in mind that the fax is going to be black and white printing because that is how a fax machine prints.

There are apps that allow you to sign faxes, which is going to be helpful when you want to sign and send back a form or contract.

A Cost-Effective Way to Fax

It is expensive to implement a traditional fax solution. You need to get a good fax machine or a multifunctioning printer, toner supplies, paper, and a dedicated fax line to avoid interruptions when transmitting. Businesses have to pay more for the dedicated line, and it can take some days before it gets installed and active, and ready for use.

It is more cost-effective using an online fax service. The services provide a wide range of plans, and it will mainly depend on the number of pages you plan to receive and send per month. This can be anywhere from 5-20 dollars a month with hundreds of pages to transmit. The account is also going to come with a virtual fax number for free, which is going to be in charge when sending and receiving faxes. There are providers that are going to give you the option of a toll-free fax number or a local one. There are some that will give you the option to port an existing fax line.

A virtual line is more convenient than a landline. There is no installation need and you can start using it immediately. You can go now and create a new account and you will be receiving faxes in ten minutes from now. This works the same way as the dedicated fax line, but it cannot be used for voice transmissions.

The above reasons why you should consider online fax works. Don’t worry because it is not complicated, you have to pick a good provider and try them out before paying for a plan.

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