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TOP Five Popular JavaScript Frameworks in 2022

The emergence of frameworks and technologies isn’t something unusual today. Of course, it’s quite complicated to follow all the trends. But software development companies are the ones to keep up with them to provide the best quality service.

JavaScript frameworks are utilized for both front-end and back-end development. All these frameworks are robust and are great for writing code that is easy to maintain. They also help save time for the development process as well as testing and fixing bugs. Today, they are primarily used for web applications, mobile applications, gaming, server applications, web servers, etc. now, let's analyze the most popular JS frameworks and their key features.



React is clearly on top when we talk about the JS frameworks and tools. It is a scalable as a well powerful solution for creating single or multi-page apps. React is a front-end library used for creating a user interface that’s flexible, high-performing, and easy to maintain. This is the main reason why it is so fast. As to the pros and cons of React, we’d like to single out the following ones:



• The one-way flow of data (or one-way binding) owing to which debugging is performed way quicker, than, say, Angular
• Owing to reusable components, the development time is shorter as you get separate components and put them together based on what you are expecting to receive as a final solution
• Legacy applications can be updated without completely rebuilding them, i.e., the app’s current legacy state is preserved, yet, updated
• Access to a large scope of support libraries
• As an open-source technology, React allows saving costs on development and support. 



• Complex documentation may delay the beginning of the development process
• Being comparatively new, there aren’t as many ready solutions within the framework as can be expected, hence, it may take some time to establish one
• It requires additional technologies or frameworks for building a product or service
• A developer is in a constant learning mode as React has frequent updates to it, which some find quite complicated
• Popular services like Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Netflix, Yahoo! Mail, Dropbox, and others were created using React.



Angular.js is an open-source framework that’s well-known for its simplicity while creating web applications. It is based on JS along with HTML, therefore no additional syntax is required when working with it.

The framework is valued for its clean and comprehensive code, and, most importantly, comparatively small frequency of errors appearing. It’s high-performing and can operate on various operating systems.


The core advantages of Angular.js are:

• Because the model-view-viewmodel pattern (MVVM) views and models can be altered independently from one another, therefore it allows working on interface and data separately, hence, less maintenance.
• The content can be easily sent to the preferred browser directly from the server and multiple web pages can be arranged simultaneously.
• Prompt error or bug detection leads to fast testing and debugging.
• Great for large applications owing to the enhanced scalability.
• All the changes can be immediately viewed and synchronized with other views and models.


As to the framework’s disadvantages and challenges, these are

• Learning Model–view–controller (MVC) is a must.
• Knowledge of different testing tools.
• App deployment requires expertise in code debugging tools.

Among the most popular and renowned products Angular.js is used for are YouTube, Netflix, Gmail app, MS Office, Upwork, Forbes, and many others.



Node.js allows building backend for high-performing apps. Among the major benefits are simple operations as well as maintenance. There will be no issues with introducing any changes a client might request since there are no issues in introducing alterations to the code. Node.js is also widely utilized in web server development or server applications.


The main features of Node.js include

• The use of the same code on the client and server sides
• Constantly growing NPM
• Immense community support
• Perfect for large-scale applications development


Like other frameworks, Node.js also has several disadvantages. Firstly, unstable API, therefore, the alternations are introduced manually. Secondly, if you’re working with high CPU load tasks, Node.js won’t be a good choice. And, finally, any third-party services that you want to integrate with Node.js may become challenging or won’t even run.



Vue.js is a JS framework used for building websites or cross-platform applications. It is one of the best solutions for creating a Single Page Application owing to its simplicity and allows quick problem-solving regarding any interface development issues.


Key advantages are

• Two-way data binding
• Simple integration
• Flexibility
• It’s small

Among the major drawbacks that Vue.js has is the absence of important plugins and that it is suitable for small scale only.



Ember.js is a popular front-end development framework for building SPAs as well as multi-page apps. It is utilized for creating different frameworks for web and mobile as well as desktop. Ember has different components and features that allow it to be used for large-scale app development is data-binding, owns multiple templates, is great in managing JSON tokens, and has over 1500 add-ons that can be installed from npm repositories. It is claimed as easy to learn and is a perfect choice for applications that require authentication procedures since Ember has a built-in feature for that.

Another major advantage of Ember.js is that it is perfect for a project that involves large dev teams: simple syntax is easy to comprehend by the entire team therefore it saves a lot of time and resources, as well as is cost-efficient.

On the opposite side, developers see Ember.js as a bit more complicated to learn as compared to other JS frameworks as well as it may seem not so fast as the other ones

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