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How to Integrate Wood into Your Home

Wood is a classic material that can instantly add warmth to a home. It has long been popular because of its charm as it suits both traditional and modern design schemes. The variation of colours from light, medium and dark brown to tan and vivid red offers a uniqueness that only wood can provide. The refined texture, durability, insulation property and ease of use make wood a good type of construction material. You can utilise wood in your home's interior for a splendid makeover. Here are ideas to help you out.

Start with wooden furniture

Homes that like to get that natural wood treatment start with wooden furniture. A wooden front door, dining table or shelves are timeless pieces that last for years. They are durable, sustainable and versatile. Dozens of wood types are available, but the most popular ones are maple, ash, oak, rubberwood, walnut, mahogany, and acacia for furniture. Of course, you would want to choose wooden furniture that complements the theme and colour of your home.

Invest in hardwood floors

You can’t go wrong with hardwood flooring as it comes in different types to match your home décor. There’s traditional, modern, or rustic; you name it. Choose from unfinished hardwood flooring for custom staining before the final finish or prefinished hardwood that already comes sanded and sealed for quick installation. The best species options are oak, maple and cherry floorings. Mahogany, walnut, bamboo, and ash are also fine choices. Reclaimed timber is a more affordable option, which is also an environmentally-friendly choice.

Add a statement piece

If you don’t want to go overboard with wooden furnishing, using a statement piece creates a focal viewpoint. An eye-catching, conversation sparking accent can draw your visitors’ eyes as they walk into a room. It can be a fireplace mantel made of raw wood, a wood-framed mirror, or a unique wooden display cabinet.

Use functional wood dividers

Wood dividers offer both functionality and aesthetics. For instance, you can use a wooden wall partition to divide the living area and dining space. In addition, many unique, stylish partitions designed with beams that are wide apart can instantly create that geometric aesthetic in a room. Room dividers can even be used as a bookshelf or a space to hang plants or display other decors.

Go raw with stumps or snags

The unique, unusual and natural beauty brought by branches, stumps and snags create that striking appeal in an interior. For example, you can use a large snag to support a glass tabletop. A stump also makes a stylish base for a coffee or dining table. You are only limited by your imagination when using these natural elements.


Wood can undoubtedly add character to your home. The natural versatility of timber allows builders to use it to add different elements to a home. Incorporating timber planking is one of the simplest ways to transform a space. It is an inexpensive yet highly effective way of evoking character, for you can use affordable reclaimed wood.



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