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Tips for Buying a Used Motorcycle

Buying a second-hand motorcycle includes some risks. However, if you are looking for a bike that you want to own, and the only way to get your hands on one is to look for a used bike seller, you should know what things to look for and check.

For many bike enthusiasts and collectors, looking at the used bike market is an excellent option. Most of them, like Essex Motorcycles, are well-established and have built an excellent reputation among buyers. 

The bike features you should check

The different features you should check when purchasing a used motorcycle will depend on the age of the vehicle. Several factors can affect the bike's condition as the years pass. Likewise, the care and attention of the original motorcycle owner contribute to the vehicle's state. 

For a two-year-old bike

If you are purchasing a two-year-old bike, it is almost like new. Its warranty is still valid, and it does not need an MOT test. Its mileage will still be low. A two-year-old bike that checks out fine is going to be a real bargain. And the dealer will offer you a good value. Here are some of the things to check.

Corrosion. Look for signs of deterioration on the exhaust downpipes. Likewise, check the bolts and nuts and the fork legs. It is vital to check under the bodywork to ensure that the brake discs are not warped and the brake calliper pistons are not sticking out of the corrosion if there's any. Again, bring a trusted motorcycle mechanic with you.

Paperwork. Make sure that the dealer shows you all the paperwork, such as its original sales receipts and fully stamped service book, keys, and the master key for the factory-fitted immobiliser. 

Exhaust. The previous owner might have replaced the exhaust with a sportier, noisier or lighter aftermarket exhaust. Ensure that the seller has the original. Keep in mind that it is illegal for a dealer to sell a motorcycle for road use that does not have a standard exhaust. 

Damage. Ensure that the bodywork is still in excellent condition. Check the stickers attached to the body of the bike because they may be there to hide scrapes and scratches. 

Finance. Since the bike is almost brand new, it is still on finance. However, you can protect yourself by making sure that you first do an HPI check.

Aside from the above, you should also check if the motorcycle is still using its original chain. Check its condition to see if it is properly adjusted, oiled, and clean. The suspension and the brakes should be working correctly. Make sure to look at the tyres to determine that they are not squaring off in the centre. 

It is vital to properly check the used bike before you sign a sales contract. Dealing with a trustworthy used bike dealer is one option to ensure that you get the bike you want. If it is a private sale, ask the seller if you can bring a bike mechanic with you when you inspect the vehicle. 



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