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Reasons to Create Your Personal Custom Mould

If you have the proper tools, you can easily customize moulds to suit your packaging needs. The packaging of most businesses is usually the same in the Beauty and Wellness industry. If you can introduce a unique style or shape to your business, it is more likely to benefit your business.

In fact, it is cheap to transform a stock item. Therefore, you can easily transform the look of a stock item to save some money. This is because it costs money to design a brand new item. However, you will need to be creative to transform the stock item. If you do not have the money to design a new item or if you do not want to create unique packaging, you can transform a stock item.

If your packaging team is the best in business, then they can design any item to suit your business needs.

We can help you design a custom shape. We will go through the moulding process to make sure everything works for you. Our custom moulding processes include; 2 stage PET Moulding, Injection Moulding, or Extrusion Blow Moulding.

The cost of the setup usually depends on the complexity of the cavitation, the process, and the mould. It also depends on the number of parts made in every moulding cycle. If the cavitation is bigger, you are more likely to spend more money. However, it can reduce the item’s unit cost.

Moulds for Extrusion Blow Moulding

It is mostly known as blow moulding. The plastic extrudes into the shell. Then, you blow the plastic into the mould’s shape. It is mostly used to make HDPE bottles and jars. It is much cheaper. Therefore, you can use it to create unique features without spending a lot of money.

Moulds for Injection Moulding

It is mostly used to make strong and ridged parts, including pump parts, bottle caps, and many more. You will inject the molten plastic into the mould. Once the mould cools, it sets the part. The process usually gives great accuracy to the parts and needs a cooling system. However, it costs more money to use this process since the set up cost costs more. To reduce the cost, you will need high cavitation and inject moulds to add an embossed logo.

2 Stage PET Moulds

There are two different moulds and two stages in this process. The Injection mould makes the PET Preform. That is the threaded neck part. And it determines the product’s weight. You will place the preform in the blow shell. Once you place it in the blow shell, you can blow it out to shape.

We can use existing preforms and make blow shells to reduce the costs of setting up new PET bottles.

The aesthetics and art of the design are extremely important. Additionally, the engineering aspect and science of the design are crucial. Therefore, you need to consider these factors if you want your package to meet your requirements and qualifications. If you focus only on what you want your package to look like and you do not focus on the creative process, then you may get a beautiful design. However, the design will be faulty.

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