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Things to Look for When Renting Office Space

Office space is essential for to creating a professional environment that helps employees stay focused and get things done. An office needs to meet a lot of requirements and therefore requires planning and thought. If you’re currently looking for office space, here are some things you need to consider.


No matter what your company does, office location is one of the top considerations. You should be hunting for office space somewhere that is easy for employees and customers alike to reach. You should check to see if the office is easily accessible via public transport too. Although office space outside of city centres is generally less expensive, it may be les convenient for other business people and could also impact your reputation. So is your going to be doing business with and hiring people in central Manchester for example, look for office space to rent in Manchester rather than something further afield.
Enough space

You have to rent an office space that can accommodate all the employees. You need to be long-sighted and consider not only the employees you have now but the ones you intend to hire in the future. The office also needs appropriate space for furniture, equipment and supplies. If the space simply isn’t big enough, you need to look for other options

Terms of the contract

A convenient or flexible contract is an important consideration for any business. The contract mustn’t force you to commit for a long time, or have too many clauses, and look out for hidden costs. You need an arrangement that means you don’t get fined if you decide to leave after a certain amount of time. Your business may expand or evolve, and the office you rented might no longer be suitable.

Internet connection

Every office must have a quality internet connection. You can’t proceed with any transaction without an internet connection. Check if it’s available for all units within the same building. If so, you have to know if there’s a need to pay it separately, or if it’s already a part of your rental fee.

Tough security

You don’t want to place your employees at risk. There must be tough security. Anything can happen while the employees are at work. It helps if the office space for rent has security cameras all over the place. You also need to check if the building has security guards. You don’t want intruders to come in with ease because there are no security forces available.

Availability of a conference room

You will regularly meet with your employees, and pitch to potential investors. It helps if you have a conference room where you can conduct meetings. It’s a professional environment where you can discuss sensitive matters.

Parking space is enough for your employees

You also need to check if the parking space is enough to accommodate everyone. If you’re renting a unit in a huge building with other companies around, you need to know that you will get a reserved parking space.

Cleaning services are available

Maintaining an office isn’t easy. Everyone at work will have something important to do. You need someone who will keep the office clean. Otherwise, it will be an uncomfortable place for everyone.

Once you already considered these things, you can decide if you will pursue your decision to rent the office space. You can also check out if you want to run your business in the area. Look for affordable office space since your company still has other expenses to consider. Once you have found the perfect choice, you can read the terms and sign the contract.


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