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A Look at the Best Website Design Trends for 2020: What You Should Know

Website design is constantly changing, and the dynamism of website design is part of what makes it such an exciting concept for designers and those who are thinking of making their websites better. If you already have a website but would like it to keep up with the times and the changing preferences of users around the world, you need to know more about what is going on in website design – especially when it comes to trends. There are some new styles, themes, and techniques which are worth noting, while there are some classic elements which will never go out of vogue. So what should you be aware of in regards to web design trends for 2020? Here’s a look at the best website design trends for this year: what you should know.

Dark website design

Dark website design has come out in a big way this year, and it can definitely give your website an ultra-modern, sleek look. A dark theme and background can create a better contrast between the different elements of your website, and dark backgrounds can also help reduce strain on the eyes, which is a big thing for viewers, encouraging them to stay. What makes the dark website design theme even better nowadays is that it mixes well with other design trends, such as the use of bright and bold neon colours as well as funky punk and dystopian elements.

Imperfect design elements

Another key trend to watch out for is the use of imperfect design elements. These imperfect elements consist of hand-drawn visuals which can give a website a certain personality and character which is not often seen in impersonal, generic website design. The hand-drawn aspect gives a website the realness it needs to connect with users and viewers, and it gives websites a more appealing look as well. These imperfect, hand-drawn elements can really strike a chord in the viewer’s heart and mind, especially since it is so different from the perfectly pixellated designs found in many other websites today.
3D design elements and visuals

3D elements and visuals never fail to delight us, and this continues today with many more websites as well, as confirmed by the expert web designers from Expre Digital Ltd. But while 3D elements and visuals always work, what held website designers back from using them more extensively in the past was the price tag. But today, the technology is less expensive and simpler, which has paved the way for the use of more 3D in websites. Major company websites are now making use of immersive elements such as 3D visuals, which serve to draw users in and break down the barriers between reality and digital space.

Floating design elements, layers, and softer shadows

If you want your website to look more interesting and achieve that ‘layered’ realistic look, floating design elements, layers, and softer shadows are a great addition. You can create a lot of depth in your website by using softer shadows and design details and elements that ‘float’, making it look like a 3D page. And the best thing is, you can do this not just with graphics, but with photos and text as well.
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