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The 4 Best Careers to Get into This Year

There’s no doubt that, especially with the influx of technology, some careers are not as useful as they used to be. As with the natural life cycle, career paths come and go. Some lose their relevance over time, whereas some last forever.
As we navigate our way through an uncertain year, some of us have to consider breaking into a new career. Read on to learn what careers in 2020 are great to get into. 

1) App/Software Developer
There is an app for just about anything these days. If a business really wants to thrive, then getting an app is a key step to making that happen. 
Not only is the starting salary satisfactory around £25-40k, but there are many jobs out there for this career. It’s unlikely, within the next decade anyway, that you’d be struggling to find work. 
Qualifications: Employers will want you to have a degree in one of the following: computer science, software engineering, mobile application development, or a similar programming-centric study. 
2) Healthcare Professional

We are living in a world that is becoming increasingly over-populated. With more residents means more healthcare demands, especially in a society with an ageing population. Doctors earn the best salary at around £50k+ a year. Nurses and other healthcare workers usually earn from £20-30k annually. 
All of these professions are in extremely high demand, with a lack of people wanting to do the job. Whilst they are undeniably stressful roles, healthcare work is one of the noblest fields you could enter. 
Qualifications: To qualify as a doctor or nurse you will need to graduate with a relevant degree. Care workers don’t tend to need a university qualification, just the right attitude. 
3) Norland Nanny 

Having children is something the human race will never cease to do. So, naturally, there will always be career paths in this sector.
A Norland Nanny is about more than just sitting around making sure the children stay safe. Norland Nannies have the formal training they need to deliver a high value to the families that employ them. A Norland Nanny, in many cases, could even deliver a better care for the children than a first-time parent. This can be a great job for those who love kids and being in a family environment.
There are a few Norland Nanny agencies that have different standards for each role. Agencies like HazeltonClive can help you hire such a Norland Nanny which can provide a more prestige service for families, so you'll need to learn about each agency you're interested in to see if it is right for you.
Qualifications: You don’t always need a qualification to be a nanny, just experience. However, prestige agencies may require you to have a degree in a relevant field of study.  Norland Nannies are educated by the Norland College for 3+1 years and they get a diploma. They are professional nannies that also receive a much better compensation than nannies.
You can read more about what a Norland Nanny can do, including paparazzi avoidance and self defence.
4) Marketing Specialist/Analyst

We live in a world saturated by data. As our lives become increasingly merged with online commerce, marketing is flourishing more than ever. However, all this online data is no good if there isn’t a professional to analyse it all. 
That’s where a marketing specialist/analyst comes in. A large number of companies require someone in this field to analyse consumer behaviour and then create a strategy accordingly. The pay varies from role to role, but it’s likely you’ll be earning well over £30k a year. 
Qualifications: You may need more than just a degree in this kind of job. A relevant degree, as well as some professional experience and any additional disciplines, are often required. 
Which is Best For You?

If you are seeking some sort of career change, hopefully these job opportunities send you in the right direction. With these four jobs, you're guaranteed to remained employed and help thousands of people, regardless of whether the worldwide economy is stable.
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