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4 Mistakes to Avoid When Managing a Startup Manufacturing Facility

The manufacturing business can be more than just a little intimidating, especially for startups. After all, this industry not only requires a higher commitment of financial resources for its daily operations. But there are is a multitude of processes that you’ll need to be familiar with to stay competitive and achieve the desired results.

Attaining success, however, is all about investing time into learning about the most common pitfalls that you need to avoid. So to ensure that the operations of your manufacturing facility maintains a good level of productivity and steers clear of potentially catastrophic problems, here are some mistakes that you must avoid.

1. Taking quality control for granted

Quality control is more than just the measurement of an item or product’s integrity – even if this is a vital concern. And your existing processes with quality control will not only provide you with insight into the entire philosophy of your organisation. But it can also help you determine just how productive or efficient your manufacturing facility is. So never take quality control for granted. By giving it the attention that it deserves, you’ll be able to minimise waste. And, in turn, maximise overall productivity.

2. Ignoring maintenance

The productivity of any manufacturing facility lies in the equipment that it uses. As such, it makes sense to ensure that they’re always in good working condition by committing to their regularly scheduled maintenance. After all, broken down or worn-out tools and machinery can lead to costly downtimes and ultimately lead to financial troubles. By not foregoing maintenance of your equipment, you’ll be able to prevent downtime happening, and ensure that your operations are always productive.

3. Not communicating with your workers

The employees will always be the foundation of any business, and a manufacturing facility is no different. And because of this fact, it’s crucial never to ignore your workers. After all, their work will ultimately determine how successful your business becomes. And by taking the time to communicate with your employees, not only will you be able to keep them more engaged with their duties and responsibilities, you’ll also gain some crucial insight on what your business may require.

4. Overlooking safety concerns

Safety must always be a priority when it comes to running a manufacturing facility. After all, not only is the success of the business tied directly into the productivity of your workers. You’ll also risk being liable for any accidents and injuries that occur in the workplace. So always make sure that you take all the necessary safety precautions, from training your employees with the use of equipment. Such equipment might be materials handling equipment, hydraulic presses, hydraulic power packs or forklifts; making sure that they have the right gear, equipment and training is essential.

Successfully managing a factory isn’t easy; it presents a number of challenges unseen in other industries or trades. But by steering clear of the potential mistakes listed above, you’ll avoid having to deal with the financial repercussions that they can cause, and as a result maximise your chance for success.

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