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Starting a business in Dubai: Main Advantages Of This Location

A new project is always a risk, because you still don’t know whether it will generate income or not, whether the start will be easy and whether you will regret your decision in the future.

Many entrepreneurs are not satisfied with business conditions or taxation in their country, so they are looking for new horizons for their projects. Searches of many of them lead to starting a business in Dubai, since this region really has a number of undeniable advantages. Next, we will describe the main ones.

Why Start a Business in Dubai?

The UAE is a country that provides entrepreneurs with almost unlimited opportunities to build a successful business. Opening a business in Dubai has the following benefits:

• In fact, there are no taxes. If you are not involved in banks, oil, hotels or commercial real estate, then you will generally be spared from having to pay the state for the income received by your firm.
• Here residents do not know such concepts as corruption, bureaucracy and other disgusting phenomena that are familiar to many countries.
• There is no control over the currency, and you can easily repatriate the full funds invested in the business.
• A stable national currency, since it has been pegged to the US dollar at an unchanged rate for several decades.
• The inflation rate is one of the lowest in the world, but the income level of the population is one of the highest.
• International banks are ready to provide financing to resident companies, subject to compliance with all requirements.
• The procedures for registering a company, obtaining a license, opening an account are quite simple even for entrepreneurs with little experience in doing business.
• Foreign businessmen can fully own the company without attracting a local sponsor and without sharing their profits with them.
• Labor legislation is liberal and transparent, there are no quotas for the citizenship of employees, and the labor force is quite cheap.
• Developed infrastructure, modern office and storage facilities, good transport links with the whole world, in general - excellent conditions for business.

How to Start a Business in Dubai?

For a quick and hassle-free start of business in Dubai, you should contact trusted consultants such as Dynasty Business Adviser. This approach will save you from personal solving many problems, for example:

• selection of the required form of the enterprise as well as a free zone for doing business;
• collection of all necessary documents, their translation and certification;
• obtaining licenses and other permits from government agencies;
• company registration and bank account opening;
• obtaining residence and work visas, and much more.

The experienced staff of the company will help you with all this.

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