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Bingo in the United Kingdom (UK) - Statistics

What makes bingo so much fun is the fact that it is a probability-based game, meaning that if all players participate with the same number of cards, then each person will have an equal chance of winning. These days, bingo can be played all across the internet, meaning that you are now able to play bingo from wherever you are, regardless of the time, but what impact has that had on retail bingo? Sites found at Whichbingo for instance, have helped to drive the industry forward, into what is now considered to be a key area of the online gambling industry.

We are going to have a look at a few statistics in recent years regarding bingo and what the trend is indicating, as well as also thinking about what has helped to encourage activity in the industry, and what the future looks like for bingo halls.

Get Your Money’s Worth by Playing Online

Playing online has transformed the bingo industry as a whole, as it has allowed for a more convenient method in which to enjoy the game. By using some of the best gadgets, you literally have bingo at your fingertips, at all times. This has allowed bingo to thrive much more as an industry, because those who were previously unable to play due to, for instance, work or family commitments, can now play in their free time, and don’t have to play to a schedule as you would need to in a bingo hall.

Moreover, when you play online, you will have a multitude of bingo variants to choose from. There is 90 ball bingo, which has been most prominent in the UK. This is a more traditional way of playing, and games can last for quite a long time, making it a good option for when you are winding down in the evening. There is 75, and 80 ball bingo, which are highly popular formats because of the fun patterns that you have to try to create in order to win.

Then there is 30 ball bingo, which is similar to other bingo, just the games are played much quicker as there are fewer balls. This game has risen to become one of the most popular forms of online bingo, as players can fit a game in between a busy schedule, or they can play multiple games in the same time it would take to play a longer format, meaning that they have more chances to win.

The Bingo Rollercoaster in Another Decline?

Sadly, it has been a tough couple of years for bingo halls. There has been a steady decline in mainstage bingo since April ’08 – March ’09, when it generated a turnover of £769.65 million.

Fast forward a few years to April ’19 – March ’20, and you will see that the turnover generated was £497.42 million. This is quite a significant drop of more than 30%, which is of obvious concern for main stage bingo. April ’19 – March ’20 can almost be discredited, as the industry was plagued by Covid-19 restrictions during this period, where there was just £82.51 million generated in turnover. Over the past decade, the number of UK bingo halls has also been steadily on the decline, but especially during this period when, for example, Buzz Bingo closed 26 bingo halls across the country.

With fewer bingo halls available, revenues are bound to decrease, which has led to calls for the government to help out with tax breaks to help finance the industry. After all, it is not only the business owners that are losing out, but staff members are losing jobs, which means that the government will lose out on tax and national insurance payments.

Can this Downward Trend be Overcome?

It is impossible to say what the future holds for bingo, but it has been evident for some time that the market is moving more and more towards online. The online industry has made bingo gaming much more accessible than ever before, and players seem to be taking a real shine to the vast number of bingo offerings available. But, in the same breath, can you imagine the UK without bingo halls? Bingo halls are part of British tradition, so it is likely that there will be high demand for them for the foreseeable future. It is evident that retail bingo halls need a lot of outside help if they are to remain sustainable businesses, let alone bringing back the glory years of the ’90s.

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