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Six Ways Businesses Can Take Advantage of the Global Holiday Seasons

Many businesses usually wait for the global holiday season. During these holiday seasons, the stakes are high, that businesses must prepare to make the most out of them. However, the past few months have been business unusual as the world changed their shopping patterns during the global holidays. For instance, Saint Paddy’s Day, one of the most celebrated holidays in the world, was done differently this year. Revelers had to stick to the set health protocols as they celebrated different global holidays. This year St Patrick's day has been celebrated online, for the second year in a row, through a Virtual St. Patrick’s Day Fest. The Global Greening Celebrations were meant to bring positivity to millions of people around the world, who shined a green light and felt connected while honoring and celebrating this historical day, from home.
If you own a business, your business strategy must include how to deal with holiday shoppers. Here are several tips on how you can take advantage of the global holiday seasons.

Have Special Discounts for Your Customers

Customer loyalty is a fundamental aspect of the success of your business. It will help if you consider offering your most loyal customers rewards and special discounts during the holidays. When you make these offers exclusive to your best clients, it makes them feel appreciated, and this encourages them to go through your entire catalog. 
Moreover, you can use the special discounts as a way of introducing your clients to a new line of products. It is important to note that retaining your clients is more profitable than finding new ones. 

Optimize For Mobile Devices

Research data has revealed that there are over 4 billion mobile users worldwide. This shows that over half of the world’s population owns a mobile device. As a business person, it will interest you to know that many shoppers use their mobile devices to shop during the global holidays. Therefore, you must have a strategy to tap into this opportunity. 
The secret to having a compelling mobile design is simplicity. When a shopper lands on your site, they should be able to quickly tell who you are and how you can be of help
You should also ensure your site’s functionality is beyond reproach, as customers will abandon a shopping cart if they have to fill many forms to finish their order. 

Plan Your Content Beforehand    

The biggest challenge businesses face during the global holidays is they don’t have enough content ready. Before the holiday date arrives, ensure you have your email newsletters, blog content, and promotions ready. 
For instance, during the Christmas holiday season, consumers expect you to provide themed content on each important shopping day like Thanksgiving, Black Friday as well as Cyber Monday. 
When you have your content ready in advance, you will have ample time building rapport and engaging your clients using email and social media marketing campaigns. 

Have an Online Contest

Although online contents are valuable to your business throughout the year, they are instrumental during the global holiday seasons. It is evident that the majority of humans have a social media account and are likely to interact with a new brand if there is no financial risk. 
An individual that follows your brand on social media is likely to purchase after taking part in a contest. You can use the global holiday season to grow your email list by offering prizes that would appeal to your target audience. 
For instance, if you want to boost your following on social media, you can offer a prize of 25 USD to someone that shares and likes your page.    

Subdivide Your Email Marketing List

Before a global holiday date, ensure you prepare by segmenting your lead list based on factors such as on-site behavior, expressed interests, and analytics. For instance, if you are creating content for your online store that sells pet supplies, you could segment the list based on pet types. Each pet owner should be on a list with themed content related to their pet.
Research has revealed that personalization usually has an enormous impact on consumer behavior. Individuals tend to respond positively whenever you send them only the content they asked for. When you segment your list during a holiday season, you will boost your sales and click-through rates.

Review Your Data Analytics

Use the previous year’s data analytics to help you make quick decisions about the same holiday season the following year. The data you collected from the previous year’s sales cycle can help you come up with creative ideas. For instance, the History of Saint Patrick’s Day celebrations usually reveals a particular trend by the revelers that could inform your business decisions.
Use social media, email, and website metrics to help you identify your business’s strengths and weaknesses. Review client feedback, product shortage, and sales. If you ran out of a particular product and missed out on sales, consider stocking up if the item is still prevalent.
Making decisions based on data is the best thing that can happen to your business. Moreover, the holidays usually come at specific times and have unique themes. Therefore, they present different business opportunities that ought to be analyzed differently.
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