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Online payment gateway for small business


Every online business in Europe and all over the world has a demand for payment gateways. Nowadays the variety of solutions exists with different options and pricing systems. If you are looking for online payment gateway for small business, you should at first understand their general features and then choose the one that will suit you best.

Payment gateways and their features

For e-commerce payment gateways are crucial. This tool is needed for card payments on the website of the merchant. With its help information from the bank cards of the buyers is saved and encrypted. A visual representation of ecommerce payment gateway is the window, where the cleat types his or her card details. After they are received, the system checks the validity of a card and pass the data further. So payment gateways provide additional security and protection for both merchants and buyers and their money.

Which ecommerce payment gateway to choose? Pay attention to the following characteristics:

·         whether payment gateways are hosted or integrated;

·         providing of online account and eWallet;

·         security;

·         portability of data;

·         payment methods that are used;

·         cards that can be accepted;

·         optimization for mobile phones;

·         experience of users;

·         fees;

·         how does customer support works.

Genome online payment gateway for small business

One of the reliable electronic money institution is called Genome. It provides a wide variety of options for individuals and businesses. It is quite easy and fast to open a Genome account, which gives access to:

·         merchant accounts;

·         multiple multi-currency accounts;

·         SEPA, SWIFT, and internal money transfers;

·         shared accounts with up to 20 users;

·         analysis of company performance.

In order to create your own Genome account and get eWallet you need to provide all the documents online and verify your person. Payments here are accepted in more than 20 currencies and 40 alternative payment methods are available for your clients.

Money can be stored in USD and EUR. And as for the currency exchange it proceeds with reasonable and affordable fees.

As a merchant through your online account you can oversee all the transactions and get access to the system through any device that has Internet connection via web browser version or the app.

In a nutshell, such online account is really helpful and worth to use.


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